“Industry Connect is a good investment, it’s a beautiful platform and realistically it sharpens your abilities.”

More success stories from around the world!

This time it’s over in Ireland with Enwere, who has just landed a job as an ICT Operations Analyst!

We caught up with him to ask about this time with us and if he would recommend Industry Connect.

Congratulations on your new job as an operations analyst Enwere! Tell us, how was your internship journey with Industry Connect?

First of all, thank you very much for this and I would like to say thank you to the entire team. Industry Connect is a very good platform, even before started I knew of you guys like, two years ago.

Industry Connect is a good investment, it’s a beautiful platform and realistically it sharpens your abilities.

Even if you don’t have a background in IT, the way you’re being taught, the way it’s been simplified, I mean you guys are experts but it’s broken down and simplified into a way that even if you don’t know what it means you’ll still grab something, you could still stand your ground and speak in an interview.

So kudos to Justin and to the entire team at Industry Connect and MVP Studio, yeah, it’s perfect.

What would you suggest to others?

I would say the entire program is an all-in-one package.

I had couple of sessions on like preparing your cv, being out there and marketing yourself properly on LinkedIn which is very important. These are those little things that you know if you pay attention correctly you can get from the program.

These are the things that really helped me and I was very fast in doing this because I came as an international student, so time is not my friend. I had to work smart not work hard to get myself in the industry.

Not just because I didn’t know what I was doing or I had no previous experience but I mean moving from a different continent into a new one, having no clue of how business is done here or how the market is, was quite difficult.

This is where Industry Connect stepped in and gave me that level playing ground to get ease of access into the industry. So yeah, it worked well for me!

How did Industry Connect help you get your current role?

The course was beautiful. Our tutors were great – they were perfect!

I did my masters in data analytics so obviously I already knew what they were talking about but Business Intelligence using Microsoft BI Stack is quite different, especially when you’re doing data warehousing which I found difficult in college.

But everything was so simplified, like the knowledge, the way everything was being explained, it was done well. The six weeks program is trying to give you a solid foundation and as an individual you have to go and do your homework correctly. You have to go and research and still grow yourself in that field. Even as a professional you can’t you’re all knowing. You still have to go to stack overflow for some one or two minor things like when you have glitches or errors. So yeah the training course was perfect, I have no problem, it was very seamless and it was enjoyable.

What did you think of MVP Studio?

The internship showed me a way of finding answers. No one has the time, so the ability for you to go on your find those answers – it’s the world wide web, that’s why it’s there – you can find anything, it’s just how do you narrow your search? How do you filter what you want you know? That’s how the internship helped me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Everyone sees the outfit now as success, but behind the scenes I had you know failures. There were so many times I had rejections, I got rejections from big companies.

It always comes out rosy when you eventually get the job, but at some point I still had to put in the work. Even during those rejections I still had my mentor and she was like “okay, for now just focus on your interviews” and she was always there, honestly, always reaching out to me and texting me, motivating me, trying to set my mind right.

That’s what kept me straight, kept me working and how I didn’t lose focus.

Thank you Enwere, and good luck in your new job as an operations analyst!


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