Jigs always wanted to become an automation test analyst, but like so many others straight out of University, found it hard to get a job.

Luckily he found us instead.

Now he’s a working as an automation test analyst at Foster Moore, and before he took off on his new career he got dressed up and gave us his testimonial from his time with Industry Connect.

Congratulations on the job Jigs, tell us, how was your journey with us?

It was an interesting journey for me.  While I was studying in university I wanted to become a test analyst or a test engineer. I love to find the bugs and defects.

What I wanted to achieve in my career to learn testing tools and the latest technologies used in the industry.

I learned the different technologies and different tools and latest technologies at Industry Connect and after like a lot of hard work from me, the Industry Connect staff and the interns, I got my dream role as an automation test analyst.

What would you suggest to people who are struggling getting their first IT job?

I want to say a couple of things to all my friends who are having a dicey decision whether to join Industry Connect or not – don’t worry about money and time and everything, just join and keep your input at 100%. Just work hard every day with all the different projects Industry Connect and MVP Studio give you.

You can get your six-week internship and after that you can get a chance to work on a real life project like what the industry is looking for and I’m really proud to say that MVP studio is using the very latest technology like what the market and what IT industry is looking for. You can get the chance to work on those technologies and those projects.

Apart from that, there’s the staff. They mentor you and train you, in the field of like soft kills; how to behave, how to talk, and they really help to shape your career to get into IT industries. They help with communication, they help with your CV, they help with your cover letter and how to approach the employers. They give you a chance to work in the industry, so I will definitely suggest to each and every person to join Industry Connect and give it a shot.

Keep working hard every day and keep upgrading yourself every day, and if you are dedicated and if you are committed, then you will have success and in your journey.

Thank you Jigs and good luck in your new career!

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The hard work and dedication paid off for Jigs! He’s now living his best life in his dream job as an automation test analyst. If you want to launch your IT career, then come and have a chat with us at Industry Connect and let’s see how we can help.

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