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IC has trained hundreds (with solid evidence) to launch their first IT/Software jobs since 2013. Industry Connect invented the first and largest IT software job-ready training programmes in AU, NZ, UK, IE, CA, SG, HK.

IC’s Core Value

We are an innovative software training school backed by global software startup incubator.

Our ecosystem is an incubation process that supports our participants until they launch a tech career.

Industry Connect Since 2013


IC Invented Talent Incubation Process

Stories from Software Career Starters

“Had so much fun in the lively office. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help you learn.”

From Zak

C# Software Development at The Scenic Hotel Group

“I would recommend this programme as the first step of your software developer career.”

From XingRon

Software Developer at Harmoney

“Industry Connect showed me the right path for me in getting a developer Job”

successful software developer

From Jayant

Software Developer at Vista Group

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Our participants are working at 450+ local companies in AU/NZ/UK/IE/CA/SG/HK



( Highest: 95K & Lowest: 45K )

Our participants often get paid higher than the average salary in the market

How IC Works


When you join Industry Connect, you will learn the in-demand,  job-ready tech skills of coding, business intelligence or testing taught by real senior developers.

Then you will be placed on a well-structured & mentored internship on local large-commercial-scale projects for three months or more.

With this process and our exclusive employer network, we have helped hundreds of people like you kick-start a well-paid career in the local software industry.

Our commitment is that we will support you all the way until you actually launch a tech career.

(Learning Enhanced)

Remote Access to Tech Teams Across Different Tech Centres

Learn From Real World & Commercial-Scale Projects

200+ Case Studies
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Founded by Software Entrepreneurs having a presence in AU, NZ, UK, IE, CA, SG & HK.

IC Web & Mobile App

Our Innovation & Craftsmanship

A unique platform designed only for our participants. It pushes knowledge, tips and opportunites to our participants on a daily basis.

What We Do

Practical Training + Structured Internship + Employer Network

6 weeks practical skills training in the evening plus 3+ months mentored internship (Learning & Gaining Experience Centric) and support until you are successful, with options also available to extend your internship for learning purposes. Your internship will be with our partner software projects.

Our Core Job-Ready Training Programmes

Including the Following Free Mini Programmes

If you are in any of the Job-Ready training programmes,
you will be given the FREE access to the following mini-programms so you can extend your skillset for more career opportunities.
The mini programmes will become available when you reach a certain milestone in the programme.

Mini I

Java Project-Oriented

Java programming and Sprint

Mini II

Blockchain Project-Oriented

Learn blockchain and build decentralized apps.

Mini III

Unity Game Project-Oriented

Learn Unity & build a game.

Mini IV

Salesforce Project-Oriented (Hot)

Learn Salesforce and Apex development.

Mini V

DevOps Project-Oriented

Azure DevOps.

Mini VI

Tableau Project-Oriented

Tableau data visualization (BI).

Mini VII

AWS Microservices Project-Oriented

AWS micro services.


UI/UX Project-Oriented

UI Design & User Experience

Our Programmes
Success Stories

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1. Who we are.
2. What our programmes are, and the steps to joining one of them.
3. How the internship works with our partners. e.g. projects and technologies.
4. What is our Employer Network.

Interview & Advice:

Have a chat with software company senior developerCTO and employers to find out if the programme is right for you.

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Stories of IT Career Starters

We interviewed some of the people who started their software careers at Industry Connect and grouped them into backgrounds, cultures, regions and challenges.

Check out the stories by selected your interested groups. i.e. Change Career, Recent Graduates, Career Gap, Software Developers, Business Intelligence, Test Analysts, Indian, Chinese, European, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore & Asia regions.

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Our Vision

The Future “University” That We’re Working On

We have proven the model of the future higher education through Industry Connect initiative and making it better, that is why we are working on Thunder.University project that introducing the Master-Apprentice model for the modern age!

Thunder University is a decentralized education ecosystem completely driven by the Industry, it is being built on top of blockchain technology. Our team is determined to reform education for the modern world in token-economy.

Public Recognition

Proudly worked on Project Skills with Immigration NZ, ATEED & Education NZ