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When you join IC, you will learn the in-demand,  job-ready tech skills of coding, business intelligence or testing taught by real senior developers.

Then you will be placed on a well-structured & mentored internship on local large-scale projects for three months or more.

With this process and our exclusive employer network, we have helped hundreds of people like you kick-start a well-paid career in the local software industry.

Our commitment is that we will support you all the way until you get a successful job placement.

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How It Works


Over the last 5 years, IC has become the default choice for IT graduates, people changing career and new immigrants wanting to enter the local software industry.

In order to get you ‘Job Ready’ for the local IT software job market, we will teach you the most important technical skills that are in-demand in the market today such as ReactJs, C#, Power BI, and Selenium automation.

We will also develop your essential soft-skills and then place you into a Mentored Internship on  local large-scale commercial projects.

We will support you all the way through your job search and the interview process until you get a successful job placement.

Our recruiter alliances will also promote your profile, skills & experience to employers.

Internship on Serious Large Projects

Mentored by Seniors in AU/NZ/UK

100+ Case Studies
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Founded by Software Entrepreneurs having a presence in AU/NZ/UK.

You are ‘Job Ready’ when employers see you as immediately valuable to their business. You have the right technical and soft skills, the right experience, and can demonstrate that you fit  within their existing team and can start producing results for them quickly, without excessive disruption.



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Our participants often get paid higher than the average salary in the market

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What We Do

Training + Internship + Employer Network

6 weeks practical skills training in the evening plus 3 months mentored internship and support until you are successful, with options also available to extend your internship. Your internship will be at our partner software companies.

Our Core Job-Ready Programmes

Our Programmes
Success Stories

“Had so much fun in the lively office. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help you learn.”

From Zak

C# Software Development at The Scenic Hotel Group

“I would recommend this programme as the first step of your software developer career.”

From XingRon

Software Developer at Harmoney

“Industry Connect showed me the right path for me in getting a developer Job”

successful software developer

From Jayant

Software Developer at Vista Group

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2. What our programmes are, and the steps to joining one of them.
3. How the internship works with our partners. e.g. projects and technologies.
4. What is our Employer Network.

Interview & Advice:

Have a chat with software company senior developerCTO and employers to find out if the programme is right for you.

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Our Vision

The Future “University” That We’re Working On

We have proven the model of the future higher education through Industry Connect initiative and making it better, that is why we are working on Thunder.University project that introducing the Master-Apprentice model for the modern age!

Thunder University is a decentralized education ecosystem completely driven by the Industry, it is being built on top of blockchain technology. Our team is determined to reform education for the modern world in token-economy. For more about thunder.unversity

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