IC is a training company that has an attitude of the heart and a genuine desire to Succeed.

Who We Are

IC is an innovative software training school backed by global tech incubator. Our ecosystem is an incubation process that supports our participants until they launch a tech career.

Our Goals

IC aims to make participants job-ready by the end of the programme, therefore meeting both the participants needs as well as a broader industry need.

Backed By Software Companies

As technology business owners, we see an increasing issue where there is a shortage of skilled software developers in the market to support business growth, however, at the same time recent graduates with acceptable grades, struggle to find their first entry-level role and get their careers underway.  There is a real risk that these technology graduates will be lost from the industry if they do not find their first role and instead pursue other employment options.

As employers and Senior IT Managers over the last 15 years, we have employed many technology graduates and believe we understand, and can address, the fundamental drivers of this problem. Our goal was to create a course that addresses these issues.

The Problems We Solve

Often employers don’t want to invest in up-skilling a graduate in commercial software development tools and frameworks.  They would rather hire someone who already has acquired these skills elsewhere.

Many students that graduate university technology courses demonstrate introverted personality traits.  They are often quiet, shy or reserved and don’t effectively ‘sell’ themselves.  For some graduates it is their personality or communication skills, for others it’s cultural or english is a second language.

Many graduates don’t have the industry knowledge and confidence to approach the job hunt and talk with prospective employers effectively and therefore, they are not able to answer interview questions effectively.

Many graduates don’t have the industry connections to help them find their first job.


IC Management Team

Juanita Strydom
General Manager Global

Karla Montgomery
Creative Development Manager

Mercia PretoriusRegional Business Development Manager - Australia

Lincoln Hu
BI Tutor

Ali Soleyman
BI Tutor

Frank Foo
BI Tutor

Chandika Herath
Test Analyst Tutor

Shirish Pathania
Test Analyst Tutor