Frequently Asked Questions

Our founders, advisers and investors are successful software developers na dentrepreneurs. They started job-ready programmes since 2013 and it was Industry Connect firstly created this kind.

It is all about the results. We claim we are the best in training participants for landing first software job.

Why best? Simple, we have the best process and we never give you up until you are successful.

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Industry Connect is the Platform and Incubator for IT/Software Job Seekers.

Once you signed up for any of our programme, you will continuously learn the in-demand skills, improve your soft skills and communication, work with our masters on commercial projects to gain the valuable local experience and receive opportunities from our platform.

Industry Connect was established by cutting edge software companies whereby the IT/Software Job Ready Programmes (6 weeks) teach the participants the necessary skills required by the current IT/Software job market in Australia and New Zealand.  Upon completion of one of our 6-week Job Ready Programmes our participants are allocated a 3-month Mentored Internship working on a Commercial Project to gain the experience necessary for success.

Over the last 6 years, Industry Connect helped hundreds start their new career in software, and has become the default choice for IT graduates and new immigrants wanting to enter the local software industry in Australia and New Zealand. Check out 100+ video interviews of success case studies

We currently offer the following programmes:

  1. Software Developer Job Ready
  2. Test Analyst Job Ready
  3. Business Intelligence / Data Analyst Job Ready
  4. Bootcamp Programme (For Beginners)

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  1. A focus on in-demand Technical Skills.
  2. Industry Approach and Scale.
  3. Standard Agile/Scrum teamwork.
  4. Mentored Internship which follows after completion of one of our Job Ready Programmes.
  5. We have our finger on the pulse for what skills are highly sought after (technical and soft skills/communication) in the IT Market in Australia and New Zealand and are able to keep abreast of these by updating our programmes accordingly to meet the IT Market needs.
  6. We have invested in and developed our own unique learning platform.  The industry Connect Operating System includes but is not limited to, modules like job engine, interview simulations, CV preparation and Artificial Intelligence.
  7. We have developed the Industry Connect App that helps us connect with our participants on a daily basis.
  8. Industry Connect is operated the same way as how our founders operate their software companies.
  9. We have helped 450+ participants enter the local IT/Software industry.
  10. We work with local government and governmental departments on employment projects e.g. Immigration and New Zealand Education.
This is Industry Connect (Unique & Successful in its kind), we are not a regular training company. What we are is a platform with Tech Training ➕ Software Companies ➕ Employer Network. It is an industry-driven training platform.

Please click here to see six different methods to verify Industry Connect’s success results.

We train you how to fish, but do not give you a fish. By this we mean that we give you the necessary skill base such as:
a) Technical Skills in demand
b) Commercial Experience (Internship) to back up your technical skills in a practical environment
c) Soft skills
d) Interview Simulation / CV preparation / Online Presence
e) Reference based on your performance

You will be on a platform that enables you kick-start your career in IT/Software.

Our IT/Software Job Ready Programmes run for 6 weeks and are tutored by people working in the IT industry.

Our Job Ready Programmes – After 6 weeks of technical sessions, you will be placed into a 3 month Mentored Internship in a commercial project.

New Zealand / Worldwide – 6 weeks training Session Time

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday –  8:00PM to 10:00PM

Australia – 6 weeks training Session Time

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday –  6:00PM to 8:00PM

Our Bootcamp Programme (for beginners) is “Self-study” with a recommended learning period between 2 to 6 months depending on each individual’s learning capacity and time to allocate to study.  There is a clear and concise pathway that is given for the Bootcamp Programme that enables the participant to learn the fundamentals of Software Development in order to then move onto their chosen career pathway of either Software Developer, Test Analyst or Business Intelligence / Data Analyst.

Intake Dates
Find more about the dates of the intakes. Click here

It varies on the different projects. There are both part-time and full-time internships. You can opt in the one that suits you best.
You will have access to all training materials on our web portal once you’ve paid and enrolled as a participant.  All sessions are recorded and the recorded session is accessible to review to catch up in your own time.  Your Tutor will email through the link to the recorded session.
Our app will send you jobs when you have reached a certain level and you can choose to apply for these jobs or not.  The jobs aren’t necessarily found on TradeMe or Seek.  We do occasionally have employers ask for candidates and we will put the right candidates through to those employers for consideration and due process through their human resource department.
The success rate of anyone looking for a job is determined by their attitude and determination in putting themselves out there by applying for positions that match their current skill base in all facets. If your attitude is right, we continue to support you until you are successful. Speaking from past experience, participants that have the right attitude, commit to following our proven process and instructions,  have all been successful in securing a position in the IT Market.
The Premium Package receives the highest attention, especially when there are job opportunities. We also work with you closely to formulate a personalised success plan. For more 
You can participate remotely online as if you are working with the team in the office. Find out how it works.
The internship is unpaid. We actually need to invest into the developers and resources to administer and mentor the internship process to ensure the interns are getting the best results. However, the internship on large projects will gain you enough valuable experience in landing a well-paid job.
We do not sponsor any visa. Industry Connect is an industrial initiative and we are not a registered school.
It’s important that our participants have the right technical skills before they start the Internship as so our requirement is that you undertake the Job Ready Programme of your choice.  The Internship side of the process can be expedited if you meet a certain criteria but you will still need to undertake the Job Ready Programme.
  1. Apply here.
  2. One of our friendly staff will be in touch with you regarding your next step.
  3. Attend one of our information & interview sessions or send us CV for review.
  4. Receive the offer to join the chosen Programme and choose a success plan.
Before we can offer you a place on our programme, we will evaluate your degree, technical background, experience, and attitude. We may also require a face-to-face interview during the process.
Just like global software companies with distributed teams, our training session tutors and internship projects/companies
are also distributed across Melbourne, Auckland, and Sydney. If you have been offered a place, you can join Industry Connect
from anywhere or meet in our local offices.
Good question, check out programme-fees
We had so many participants joined us in their last year or earlier, those people are early runners and proactive. It is a great idea to join before you finish study as to you will land a job much quicker than anyone else.

Simply put,

You graduated with industry required skills + Work Experience
Your classmates graduated with just a degree.

If there is one junior position, you both applied, then you will be the one getting invited for an interview.

Hope this makes sense.

The best programme for a career changer is Business Intelligence, the reason is your past professional experience will still contribute to this career.

BI is half tech and half business, and it is really in-demand right now on the job market. And we have great success in running this programme.

However, if you do have a passion for coding or testing, you may consider Software or Testing Job-Ready Programme, however, your past experience may not be relevant to those when you are looking for the job.

A simple way to determine that is to close your eyes and try to imagine that

you are a developer and write code to create apps?

or you want to be a Business Intelligence Developer or Data Analyst to deal with lots of data and create reports?

or you want to make sure everything is running perfectly and finding those holes as a test analyst?

Just follow your passion and only choose the path you really love.