Industry Oriented Software Job-Ready Programmes

The content of our programmes are summarised by Senior Software Developers, Test Analysts, Architects and our partner software companies.

Software Developer Job Ready Programme (Most popular)

For Developer Job Seeker

Learn Industry Software Development skills for 6 weeks plus a Commercial Project Internship

  • .NET Framework, C#, .NET libraries, TFS, Git, CI
  • ASP.NET MVC, Design Patterns
  • LINQ, Entity Framework, Database, SQL
  • MSSQL Server, SSRS
  • HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Js Framework
  • KendoUI, React.Js, Vue.Js or AngularJs
  • 3+ months Internship on Local Live Commercial Project & Agile – Scrum

Bootcamp Programme

New to Software Development
Learn the foundational skills needed to join any
of our Job Ready Programmes.

Bootcamp Programme delivers

  1. Access to our Industry Connect portal and our companion app.
  2. Access to curated training material and Industry Connect Videos for Beginners.
  3. Full access to our online Question Hub.
  4. 6 x 1⁄2 hour mentoring and support sessions (via face-to-face live meeting)
    with a Senior Developer.

Business Intelligence Job Ready

Very in-demand!

For BI Developer / Data Analyst Job Seeker

Learn Industry BI/Data Analyst skills for 6-weeks plus a Commercial Project Internship.

Advanced SQL Queries / Data Warehousing / SSIS/SSAS/SSRS / Power BI and Data Visualisation.
6 week programme and then an Internship on a live commercial project with a large dataset.


Test Analyst Job Ready (Hot)

For Test Analyst Job Seeker

Learn Industry Test Analyst skills for 6-weeks plus a Commercial Project Internship.

Test case design, Selenium automation & JMeter Load testing
SpecFlow and Gherkins
Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Usability Testing and API Testing
6 week programme and then an Internship on a live commercial project.


Blockchain Job Ready (Be futuristic)

For DApps Job Seeker

Learn DApp tech skills for 6-weeks plus a Large Project Internship.

Blockchain model and crypto economy
Bitcoin, Ethereum domain knowledge
Decentralised app development and DeFi Protocols
Gain local experience on an exciting blockchain project.


Internship on Local Large-scale Projects

Fully Mentored by Seniors. You can “Download” their valuable experience onto yourself.




Melbourne | Sydney | Auckland

Well Mentored Internship

Provided by MVP.STUDIO
(Only to Industry Connect Participants)

Cutting Edge Technologies

Aligned with Trends from Silicon Valley

Loads of Serious Projects

Time & Dates

Job Ready Programmes

  • Part 1: Training classes – 6 weeks, 3 sessions per week – Mon, Tues & Weds
    • AU – AEST 6:00pm to 8:00pm
    • NZ – NZST: 8:00pm to 10:00pm
    • UK – BST: 9:00am to 11:00am
    • GLOBAL – GMT/UTC: 8:00am to 10:00am
  • Part 2: Well Structured & Mentored Internship
    • Full-time or Part-time, on-site or remote
    • Be part of Large-scale projects for 3+ months.
    • At software comapnies like MVP Studio
    • Receive a “Project Reference Letter” when you finish your internship.
    • With the right attitude, you can stay on the internship crafting code/tech with the senior masters until you are successful.

Bootcamp (for Beginners)

STAGE 1 – Preparation Stage: You will receive the training material to learn the fundamentals (in your own time and as long as it takes). When you feel that you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of software development you will be given a mini project assessment for qualifying to move onto the Second Stage.

STAGE 2 – Move over to the Job Ready Programme of your choice (6 weeks).

Programme Dates and Schedules.

How does it work for you?

Our programmes are specifically designed to boost your ability to get your first software job and start your career in the software industry. Our unique programmes will teach the technologies we use everyday at work and provide local work experience on large commercial projects for participants, graduates, new immigrants and even people considering changing careers entirely.

By joining the programme you virtually guarantee yourself a job in the software sector.  At the very least you give yourself an advantage over all other graduates looking for work with you!

Practical Technical Skills

Learn the most popular technologies used in the commercial world and become an expert in frequently used frameworks & libraries.  The cool stuff we use everyday at work.

Commercial Project Experience

The best way to learn is by doing it for real!  You will experience so much more working on real-world, large scale projects with full source code access.  Great local experience is always required to get a job.  Check out some of the projects you can be a part of.

Networking & Connections

You will join our community of hundreds of Developers, Test Analysts and Data Analysts working within the local industry.  You will also learn how to create new connections with Employers and Recruiters.  Stay connected with team members and our alumni currently working across local software companies.

Boost Your Soft Skills

Good communication skills is the key to success.  You will develop soft skills like being a great listener, the ability to have quality conversations, building interpersonal connections, insight into team dynamics, public speaking and leadership.

Receive a Reference

Industry Connect will provide you with a reference for all of the project work you have completed and all of your team contribution.

Land Your First Job

Get proven expert assistance on CV and interview preparation.  Assistance preparing for technical and non-technical interviews. Tips for job hunting, improving confidence and overcoming nervousness.

Meet Locally & Live Face-to-face Meeting with Distributed Teams


Local or Face-to-face Live Meeting

Just like global software companies with distributed teams,
our training session tutors and internship projects/companies
are also distributed across Melbourne, Auckland, and Sydney.

If you have been offered a place, you can join Industry Connect
from anywhere or our local offices.

Industry Connect Portal and Job Platform

How do you know you are ‘Job Ready’?

When you are applying for jobs, the following happens:
1. You hear back from an employer or recruiter regarding your job application more than 20% percent of the time.
2. This will result in you getting interviews with some of the employers.
3. Within your first 10 employer interviews, you will be offered a job.

The Difference Between Traditional Study and Industry Connect

Traditional With us
Entry IELTS, Foundation or High School A Passion for Technology, Determination and a great Attitude.
Duration At least 3 Years 3 months + Commercial Project
Outcome A Degree A Software Job
Cost $17,000 to $30,000 per Year Fees starts from as low as $3,500
More Differences

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