Our tuition fee is much more affordable than the most coding bootcamps
yet you will have a continuous learning experience and predictable employment outcome.

The Job Ready Programmes

For Developer, Business Intelligence or Test Analyst Job Ready Programme

    • Part 1: Training classes – 6 weeks, 3 sessions per week – Mon, Tues & Weds
      • AU – AEST 6:00pm to 8:00pm
      • NZ – NZST 8:00pm to 10:00pm
      • SG – SGT 3:00pm to 5:00pm
      • UK – BST 9:00am to 11:00am
      • GLOBAL – GMT/UTC 8:00am to 10:00am
    • Part 2: Well Structured & Mentored Internship
      • Tech training is continued during the internship
      • Full-time or Part-time
      • Remote access to our expert teams across tech centres
      • Be part of Large-scale projects for 3+ months.
      • At software comapnies like MVP Studio
      • Receive a “Project Reference Letter” when you finish your internship.
      • With the right attitude, you can stay on the internship crafting code/tech with the senior masters until you are successful.

More info about Programme Intake Dates.

Participants Review Interview (150+ Videos)


  • Best Value Target junior position usually with a salary of 50K plus. *90%+ success chance
  • To get started


    An affordable option to be excellent

  • Total Tuition Fee: $8,950


    Covered Duration: 4 months+

  • Payment Option 1

    One-off Payment $7,500

    Full payment by bank transfer or credit card

  • Payment Option 2

    Finance Plan


    + Weekly payments with interest

    Pay by Credit Card (4% surcharge applies)

  • Discount

    Up to $1,500

    If your job is placed by our recruitment alliances,
    we will offer you a cash back. T&C applies

  • Content

  • Get trained with In-demand technical skills
  • Participation in project(s) from tech company
  • Membership on our employers & recruitment network
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Taught by Real Developers
  • Full App & Job Engine Access
  • Learn in Team Environment with Mentors
  • Source Code & DB access
  • Agile-Scrum Process
  • Interview simulation & review CV
  • Verifiable Reference Letter
  • Soft Skills & Confidence Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • English-at-work Training

Premium - Hybrid (Recommended)

  • Median salary from past success: 65K
    If accepted, *99% success chance
    (Huge Saving)
  • To get started


    Great saving for a successful outcome
    Pursuing a high earning career faster

  • Total Tuition Fee: $18,500

    Covered Duration: 18 months+

  • Payment Plan

    Upfront Fee: $8,500

    After Securing a Job : $10,000

  • Discount

    Up to $3,500

    If your job is placed by our recruitment alliances,
    we will offer you a cash back. T&C applies.

  • Extra Content

  • (Include everything in the standard plan)
  • Opportunity to earn back
    a minimum of $3,000 tuition fee
    after you secure a software job
  • FREE entry to our Senior-Ready Programme
    after your two years of working.
  • Extra Career Training Sessions
  • Personalised Plan
  • Closely Mentored By Tech Lead
  • Refer to potential jobs or employers
  • Learning on large projects
  • Prioritised Exposure to Industry
  • Boost Programming & Communication Skills
  • Boost Soft Skills

Premium - Success Based

  • Median salary from past success: 60K
    If you get accepted, *99% success chance
  • To get started

    Fully Refundable Deposit $3,000

    *A risk free option & limited to 2 seats per intake 

    After fully trained & secure a job

    *additional assessment is required

  • Total Tuition Fee: $25,000

    Covered Duration: 24 months+

  • Extra Content

  • (Include everything in the Standard plan)
  • Extra Career Training Sessions
  • Personalised Plan
  • Closely Mentored By Tech Lead
  • Refer to potential jobs or employers
  • Learning on large projects
  • Prioritised Exposure to Industry
  • Boost Programming & Communication Skills
  • Boost Soft Skills

*Note, the success chance can be achieved by you with the following criteria
1. Meet the 95% attendance of training or knowledge sharing related sessions.
2. Follow the required achievable instructions.
3. Keep engaging with the training and project mentorship before securing a job.
4. Remain positive attitude and don’t give up easily.
5. Apply for two to four jobs per week consistently during the job hunting phase.
6. (Premium package only) Attend extra required training sessions and apply for referred jobs

Covered Duration
Definition: The committed period of in-class training, training during the internship supported and/or arranged by Industry Connect.
Note: “+” means that anything after this period, Industry Connect will not officially hold the responsibilities to train or support you. However, with your good attitude towards learning, people and community, we will endeavour to provide the same level of training or support in goodwill until you are successful.

Fees for participants based in UK

 $1.oo (AUD or NZD) below is to £0.60, $3,500 is £2,100, $7,500 is £4,500. Email info@industryconnect.org to find out more.

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The Bootcamp (For Beginners)

Fees Bootcamp Programme (Stage 1) and Job Ready Programme (Stage 2)

  • STAGE 1 – Preparation Stage:  You will receive the training material to learn the fundamentals (in your own time and as long as it takes).  When you feel that you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of software development you will be given a mini project assessment for qualifying to move onto the Second Stage.  
  • STAGE 2 – Likely get accepted to our Job Ready Programme of your choice (6 weeks).
  • Internship: Commercial Project experience for 3 months.  You will receive a “Project Experience Reference Letter” when you finish your internship. 
  • More info about Programme Dates and Schedules.


    (Preparation for any Job-Ready Programme)
  • $1,250


    1.  Full payment only.

    2.  Pay by Direct Credit or Paypal with a Credit Card which incurs a 4% surcharge.

  • Self Study
  • Industry Connect Videos Beginners.
  • Customised learning path access on pluralsight
    (3 months subscription included).
  • Access our Industry Connect portal and our companion app.
  • Full access to question hub where you can get questions answered there by our staff.
  • 3 x 1⁄2 hour consultation (via Zoom meeting) with our senior developer for advice on what you have learnt, clarification and directions. NOTE: These consults will need to be approved and booked in with the senior developer.
  • Complete a mini project as assessment for qualifying for the job ready programme of choice.
  • ***Recommended learning is between 8 to 16 weeks.***



Get Invested For the Fee

If you have any outstanding achievement, excellence awards or exceptional recognition, you can apply for investment from career angel investors to cover your full fees.

Go to https://Angel.Careers website to apply.

Hear what some of our participants have to say about their experience


“Before I discovered Industry Connect, I had almost given up on the dream of becoming a software developer. Now after completing the internship at Industry Connect I am a contract software developer”

Jonathan McDonough

Contract Software Developer at Experieco

Many thanks to this programme and I was exposed again in software development. I learned the new technologies and got a lot of support from the people behind this programme. Thank you again Industry Connect that I got the job that I wanted.

Jane Aviguetero

Web Programmer at Direction First

“Compared to university study, this program brings me not only solid technical knowledges, but also soft communication skills such as how to communicate with your project manager and how to cooperate with team-mates.”

Chris Junhao Li

Mobile Developer at Fiserv


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