Industry Connect Learning System

We invested into building our own software to support our unqiue model and our participant’s journey.

MEi – Our Learning Companion

Some Screenshots of Our App

Our Unique Continuous Learning & Remote Internship Platform

For IC Participants Only

How She Works

MEi is integrated

MEi is integrated with major job fair systems as well as numerous organisational recruitment systems. MEi consolidates everything in one big database.

MEi has good friends

Hundreds of our successful participants are friends of MEi. They tell MEi when they hear of new job opportunities at their workplace.

MEi knows about the jobs

MEi understands the jobs she finds. She creates insights for you and helps you prepare before you apply or attend an interview.

Some of the companies our graduates have been successfully employed at


Industry Connect’s App is available on both Apple and Google Play Store!

Free to use for everyone and only participants can access all the features