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The ‘Job-Ready’ Programme is a practical course specifically designed for people wanting to get their first job in Software Development.  It is created and presented by experienced software developers and IT professionals, who share their knowledge, tips and tricks gained over many years within the industry.  The programme was started to help small groups gain the .NET development knowledge used in the commercial world.  The course has now been extended to cover the essential interpersonal skills you will need to succeed in your role as a software developer.  The combined effect of gaining ‘in-demand’ technical skills, improved communication skills and relevant project experience will ensure you stand out when meeting employers.

Participants are guided by experienced developers the entire way, and receive hands-on coaching, one-on-one mentoring and practical advice throughout a real-world commercial project.  This provides a unique opportunity to gain first-hand project experience throughout the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), including client meetings, analysing business requirements, specifying and designing solutions, coding, testing and support.

The job-ready programme provides real-world insights into working in the IT industry.  You will experience what it’s really like to work in the industry. You will learn key industry terms and communication techniques while building valuable personal industry connections.

We are here to assist with guidance in your personal job hunt, including assistance with CV preparation and interview techniques. Upon successful completion of the programme and internship you receive a reference letter to endorse your commercial project development experience while with us.


developer job ready Programme

Why move to C#

C# is simple especially when you have learnt other languages.

C# could get you a job more quickly in local market.

C# developers get paid higher due to skill shortage.

C# is popular, productive & powerful.

There are more jobs for C# skills.

design patterns

Why learn Design Patterns & Best Practise

It is common practise in commercial projects.

Commercial projects are not only results focussed but also takes future changes into account.

It is proven to solve recurring design problems.

It makes Apps more scalable, extensible and re-usability.

It ensures consistency in a development team.

You’ll use Abstract Factory, Singleton, DI IoC, Repositroy and so on.

Test Analyst Programme

Why move to Web App with ASP.NET/MVC

Too many jobs for ASP.NET/MVC.  It cannot be ignored!

It is a very popular web development architecture.

It forces developers to understand HTTP & HTML.

Developers get paid higher due to ASP.NET/MVC skill shortage.

110+ Stories of Developer Career Starters

Theoretical Learning Commercial Experience Build your Connections Reference Letter
This will help students to gain software development knowledge that is used in the commercial world. Students are taught by industry experts with 15+ years of experience. We say, the best way to learn is to get hands-on experience. Put the theory into practice on real world projects. Connect with CEO, director, managers, senior developers, testers and career advisors during meetings. You will receive a reference letter for the commercial project that you are working on if the work meets the manager’s expectation.

This course is designed for

> Graduate job seeker looking for their first job opportunity
> Final-year student, international student or recent graduate from university
> IT professional who wants to make the switch to software development
> A motivated, aspiring software developer with a passion for IT
> An immigrant who previously worked in software development

  • NO trainers but industry experts. Sessions are run by senior developers with 15+ years of experience in the industry.
  • NO books! All training material are provided online with extra learning resources given my industry experts.
  • NO assignments or exams! We focus on research and resolving commercial problems.

.NET, C# – Not C-hash

.NET Architectures, Application Models. The C# specification and characteristics. Tips & tricks.

Useful Libraries, TFS

How things are done in the C# way. Useful libraries, APIs. Unit testing, Demo commercial production Code


The web development framework ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC vs From, ASP.NET MVC In-depth. IIS Web Server

Web Application

MVC in depth. HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, Saas Model. Cookies, Sessions and Commercial Project Demo.

SQL & Objects

Database objects, modelling best practise, indexing, structure etc. Commercial Database Demo.

SSRS & SQL Services

SSRS Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Agent Jobs, Monitors and Logs.

Data & WCF Services

Entity Framework, Linq to Entities, Performance consideration, WCF Web Service, XML, SOAP.

System Integration

API Design and Security Consideration, Best practise in integration scenario. Commercial Integration Demo

At Software Companies, programme participants will work on an internship on the commercial projects to enhance their practical, business-oriented development skills.  The projects are chosen to specifically match the skills that employers are currently looking for. Participants will be mentored by experienced developers throughout the project. Projects typically involve a selection of the following technology:

  • ASP.NET/MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery
  • Web Service Integration
  • Mobile Apps

Description Duration Details
Theoretical learning 6 weeks
3 sessions per week
2 hours per session
Sessions are LIVE and interactive via Zoom with a senior developer. All sessions are recorded and available on the Industry Connect app for review.
Internship with a global software company MVP Studio 3 months + Using the skills learnt, interns get involved in commercial projects from our IT partners & industry connections. They are guided by senior developers, testers, project managers or business analyst from commercial development teams. Past projects have utilised the latest and coolest technologies which are very in-demand within the market.

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