Essential for beginners or candidates who plan a career change.

We have found that every person is different as to their knowledge base of software development fundamentals. To eleviate the sometimes wide gap in basics between the participants we have customised a learning pathway with access to Pluralsight in order to help you get to a level that sees you able to undertake the Job Ready Programme of your choice. The Bootcamp Programme – Stage 1 Preparation is a self-study programme, so you can study in your time that fits around your lifestyle. Included in your Bootcamp Programme is also:

  • IC Portal:  Access to our Industry Connect portal and our companion app.
  • Training Material:  Access to curated training material and Industry Connect Videos for Beginners.
  • Customised learning path access on Pluralsight (You will need to subscribe to Pluralsight).
  • Question Hub:  Full access to our online Question Hub.
  • Free Credit for exclusive access to the Skill Sharing Initiative of MVP Tech Community to learn hundreds different technical skills.
  • Mentoring Consultation (1 hour): Either 2 x 1/2 hour consults or 1 x 1 hour consults with one of our senior developers for advice on what you have learnt, clarification and directions. These consultations are done face to face via Zoom (like Skype). Choose: a) 1 hour consultation; or b) 1⁄2 hour consultation. NOTE: The mentoring consultations will need to be approved and booked in with the senior developer by completing a google form (to be emailed through to you).
  • Complete a mini project as assessment for qualifying for the job ready programme of choice. *** Recommended learning is between 3 to 6 months.

The topics covered in Programming Bootcamp (Stage 1 – Preparation) are:

OOP, C#, .Net Overview, C# Fundamentals, Delegate, Lambda Expression and Linq
Entity Framework, Database design, SQL Server Function and Stored Procedure
Web Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript

***When you are confident that you have the fundamentals of software development then you will complete a mini project as an assessment for qualifying to move onto the job ready programme of choice.

Developer Job Ready

Why learn C#

C# is easier to learn.

C# is popular, productive & powerful.

C# could get you a job more quickly in local market.

C# developers get paid higher due to skill shortage.

There are more jobs for C# skills.

Developer Job Ready

Why learn Web App with ASP.NET/MVC

Too many jobs for ASP.NET/MVC. It cannot be ignored!

It is very popular web development architecture.

It forces developers to understand HTTP & HTML.

Developers get paid higher due to ASP.NET/MVC skill shortage.

Passed the assessment and QUALIFIED?

You now move onto “Stage 2” your chosen career pathway in the Job Ready Programme

Some of the companies our graduates have been successfully employed at