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Below you will find CV templates, links to common softwares, sample codes as well as up to date information on key trends and current pay rate. All essential things to get you closer to your dream job.

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CV Templates
for Junior Software Developer

The sole purpose of a CV is to get you an interview. It is like meeting a new person, the first impression is quite important. This also applies to your CV, and the CV is your “look” and “feel” – tidy, neat, trendy, moderate, well “dressed”, structured, to the point and likable.


  • Recruiters spend on average 2-7 seconds looking at a CV for the first time. Again this is fact and please believe it. (How long does it take to look at a new person to have a basic impression?), this is because an average of 200 applications are received for a junior position in New Zealand.

  • The content of CV is about showing the relevance to the job advertised. E.g. it may not be a good idea to write down experience of working in the kitchen while you apply for junior software developer role. By the way, the first thing that recruiter saw is your name in mail inbox.

Therefore, within a few seconds, your CV needs to make the readers have a pleasant experience. Here we have provided a few templates of CV which appears to be good to use and proved by our associate developers and candidates.

Template 1
Simple, stylish and easy to the eyes

  • Fonts, size, spacing and lines are always important
  • This template can be used for CV with multiple pages
  • The personal summary stands out on the top, it gives you the first chance to talk about yourself

Template 2
Traditional, neat and well structured

  • Accurate, traditional and serious
  • This template can be used for CV with multiple pages
  • The personal summary is bullet pointed and attract readers’ attention

Common Software Development Tools

Visual Studio Express (Free)

Express Editions are free to download. Visual Studio is the primary IDE for .NET software development.

SQL Server Express (Free)

MSSQL is the primary database from Microsoft.

Fiddler (Free)

Debug traffic from your applications to servers. Examine the cookies, http headers transferred between the client and server.

ILSpy (Free)

You can see the source code of .NET assemblies. This helps you better understand how some libraries work by decompilation.

LINQPad (Free)

LINQPad lets you interactively query databases in a modern query language: LINQ. LINQ is so far the best way to query data at code level.(In my opinion)

SoapUI (Free)

SoapUI allows you to easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests especially when you deal with XML and SOAP web services.

F12 key of web browser

This is a function of web browser, it is similar to Fiddler to examine the HTTP requests, responses and headers etc, it also allows you to inspect the HTML elements and the styles attached to it. This is used on daily basis if you build a web application.

ColorPic (Free)

Samples the color code from anywhere on windows.

Paint.NET (Free)

Soon or later, you will need to do some basic image editing if you are a web developer or even just computer user. Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows.

JSFiddle (Free)

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc online with JSFiddle code editor

Code Samples

C# Basics

Here are some C# basics that you should know. A complicated problem is made up by bits and pieces like below. A part from basic language usage, the code below is also a brief summary of best practise when code with C#. During the sessions in the job ready programme, we provide in-depth knowledge around how to write production code.

Download Source Code

Dealing with NULL
Comparing two strings
Create instance of a class
Default values of .NET types
Extension Methods
Keywords as variable name
Preprocessor, compile time variable
Print an array with seperator
String Handling
Type Casting
Exception handling
GetType or typeof
Use “var”
Use “yield”

C# LINQ Basics

LINQ is a set of libraries on .NET Framework that make life so much easier to query data. LINQ stands for Linq stands for Language Integrated Query. Some basic but typical uses of LINQ with an array.

LINQ to Objects

You can query any kind objects that contain a sequence of object in .NET

LINQ to Objects

Download Source Code

LINQ to Entities

You can write queries like above to query database tables.

LINQ to Entities

Download Source Code

Unit Testing & Mocking Framework

As software developers, sometimes you are required to write unit tests against the code you wrote, unit testing is useful to provide testing coverage to ensure the code quality. Also, the potential future changes can be checked so that it is not breaking the existing business logic. Unit tests are often be run automatically when developers checked in the code to the source code repository. Continuous integration tools such as teamcity, CruiseControl.NET are often utilised to build the source code automatically per check-ins and the units are triggered right after each successful build.

Mocking Framework

If you’re testing a method which in turn calls other interfaces, you can change/mock the behavior of the other interfaces. For instances, you can change the output, ask the interface to throw an exception for certain set of parameters. This gives the developers great flexibly during unit testing. Often it ensures the method you test against handles all the scenarios from dependant interfaces.

Mocking Framework

Download Source Code

Dependency Injection

Inversion of Control  is a design pattern of constructing the code.

Dependency Injection is to help create loosely coupled classes, this is useful that your code will not require the specific logic of the classes that being used, it only needs to interact to a contract or a requirement which is defined by the Interface. And the actual instance can be injected instead of creating the instance right on the spot.

Mocking Framework

Download Source Code

Key Trend & Latest Software Developer Salary Report

Key Trend

  • Soft skills are still highly sought after
  • More hiring managers are asking for specific industry and commercial experience as part of their requirements.
  • There is heightened awareness with regards to quality assurance generally across all aspects of the IT space.
  • There is an increased demand for Software Developers other than the traditional .Net and Java Developers.
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