Eh, thinking of switching careers to data analyst or business intelligence in Singapore ah? No worries, Industry Connect can help you make the transition smooth like butter!

Why Data Analysis?
In Singapore, data analysis is hot lah! Every company, big or small, needs someone to make sense of all the data they collect. Plus, got high demand, good salary, and job security. Shiok, right?

Industry Connect’s Approach
Industry Connect’s “BI, Data Analyst Job Ready Programme” is perfect for those who want to switch careers. Here’s why:

Practical Training: Six weeks of evening classes so you can upskill while still working your current job. The training is hands-on, no need to worry about just theory.

Real-World Projects: You get to work on real-world projects, so you know what to expect when you enter the job market. Plus, you’ll have something solid to show in your portfolio.

Mentorship: Got experienced mentors to guide you through the learning process. They will share tips and tricks to help you become job-ready.

Community Support: Join a supportive community of learners and professionals. Can network, ask questions, and get advice from others who have successfully made the switch.

See Singaporeans who succeeded with Industry Connect!

The Singaporean Advantage
Here in Singapore, our education system is strong, and there are many opportunities for continuous learning. Plus, the government also supports upskilling and reskilling initiatives. So, if you’re worried about making the switch, rest assured that you’re in a good place to do so.

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your old job and hello to a new career as a data analyst, check out Industry Connect. With their support, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career switch. Jiayou!

What is Industry Connect?

Industry Connect is an IT/Software Career Launchpad that has everything you need to kick-start your IT/software career in AU, NZ, UK, IE, SG, HK, IN, ID, VN & PH.

Industry Connect's Ecosystem

We have been helping career changers, recent IT graduates and people with career gap to start their IT/software careers.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds kick-start an IT/software career. (Verifiable evidences are available on this website)


We are an innovative software training school backed by global/local software companies. Our ecosystem is an incubation process that supports our participants until they launch a tech career.


Our Job-Ready training programmes focus on,
  • Software Development
  • Business Intelligence (or Data Analyst)
  • Test Analyst

  • Six Weeks Training Classes (Practical Tech Skills)
  • Three Months (or more) Structured Internship on Large Commercial-Scale Projects (Learning enhanced, flexible Hours)
  • Employer Network (job analysis and internal referral if goals are met)

You can join us via Zoom (live face-to-face meeting) remotely from anywhere and "download" the valuable knowledge & experiences from our tech experts across different tech centres.

Watch 300+ Stories of Career Starters in IT/Software

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