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The Power of Soft Skills Part 3

August 27th, 2020|Soft skills|

Hi, Karla here again.  These are the last two topics on Soft Skills today and they’re Adaptability and Collaboration.   ADAPTABILITY Adaptability, or flexibility, is the ability to embrace change and challenges with a positive, resourceful attitude. We all face unexpected problems in the workplace, but those with strong adaptability skills are able to approach these [...]

Online meeting tips: 6 ways to present yourself better for online meet

August 20th, 2020|News|

As a 100% remote company, we rely on online meetings to communicate with our global team. We chatted with a special guest, Iante Rademeyer who is a Coach in some of our workshops at the Internship Stage of our 3 Step Process.  She shared some online meeting tips to help you to communicate effectively during [...]

The Power of Soft Skills Part 2

August 19th, 2020|News, Soft skills|

Hi, Karla here again.  Continuing on from last time on the topic of Soft Skills. Today I’m wanting to touch on another couple of soft skills called Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in [...]


August 13th, 2020|News, Soft skills|

Hi my name is Karla and I’m part of the Industry Connect Global Team. Today I’m wanting to touch on the importance of soft skills at work and what exactly “Soft Skills” is.  The term “Soft skills” has been thrown around so often that we can lose sight of what soft skills are and maybe [...]

Mahen secured a job as Data Specialist!

July 23rd, 2020|Real Stories|

“I believe in myself and the guidance you have given me. There's heaps of things I want to thank for Industry Connect for again, all the tutors and your guys.” Mahen is an Industry Connect graduate and secured a future-proof job as a data specialist. Before he started on his new career, we caught up [...]

Meet Leo, our latest Software Developer!

June 25th, 2020|Graduate Jobs, Internship, Real Stories|

“Because of your support and MVP internship experience on projects, I became more confident in answering questions at interviews. Sometimes I would be asked something that I didn't know and I knew how to answer them correctly. This journey has increased my confidence” Graduating from a Software Developer Job Ready Programme is no small feat [...]

Nidhi Patel secure a job as Data Engineer

June 24th, 2020|Graduate Jobs, Internship, Real Stories|

“If people are new, they don't know how to start their career journey. Industry Connect let you know how to start step by step.” How was your Journey at industry Connect? It's like a process to improve your skill. So, you will go through the onboarding process and then complete the advanced tasks. If people [...]

Ribu shared her journey to become a software developer.

June 9th, 2020|Internship, Real Stories|

“ If you can show someone that you are passionate about technology then you are through.  Having a learners mindset also where you are always willing and ready to learn new skills, technologies and tools is an important attribute.” Ribu is from India and moved to New Zealand in 2018 and joined our Software Developer [...]

Career gap? Sunitha is now back to IT career with an Automation Test Analyst position.

June 9th, 2020|Real Stories|

“I couldn’t believe it and then it hit me that “Oh my god I got a job”!. It felt like a dream.” Sunitha was away from the IT world for about 10 years during which time she raised her family. What do you think of Industry Connect as a platform? I learnt everything that I [...]

Shiny secured a job offer as test analyst

June 9th, 2020|Internship, Real Stories|

“With the Test Analyst Job Ready Programme I learnt automation testing which is a big plus on my resume and put me in a good position to be employable.” Shiny had manual testing experience back in India but found it hard to get her foot in the door to a job when moving to New [...]