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Over the last 5 years, Industry Connect has become the default choice for IT graduates and new immigrants wanting to enter the local software industry. In order to get you ‘Job Ready’ for the Australian or New Zealand IT job market, we will teach you the most important technical skills that are in-demand in the market today such as ReactJs, C#, Power BI and Selenium automation

We will also develop your essential soft-skills and then place you into a Mentored internship on large-scale commercial projects.

We will support you all the way through your job search and the interview process until you get a successful job placement.

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You are ‘Job Ready’ when employers see you as immediately valuable to their business. You have the right technical and soft skills, the right experience, and can demonstrate that you fit  within their existing team and can start producing results for them quickly, without excessive disruption.

Good News Received Recently

Sonia as test analyst at Customer Radar

Nikhita Amin as test analyst at Bravura

Fernando Zhu as developer at Gentrak

Tao Sun as developer at **Undisclosed**

Pradnya as test analyst at THL

Kunal Ranja as developer at **Undisclosed** in Melbourne

Joseph Warren as developer at **Undisclosed** in Melbourne

Stella Stew as developer at **Undisclosed** in Hamilton

Scott Bakewell developer at Palace Software

Manvitha Eathalapaka developer at Tradee

Leena Lavanya developerat StayInFront

Neha Reddy developer at Capgemini

Jason Zheng developer at UniPhil

Robin Feng developer at Intuto

Sudam Bandara developer at QCONZ

Nikhita Amin developer at Bravura

Fitz Patrick as developer Optimation

JingBin as test analyst Cortex

Sanuj as test analyst

Rekha Revanna as test analyst

Fernando Zhu developer at Gentrak

Tao Sun as developer in Wellington

Vikramjit Singh test analyst at Bulletin

Victoria - tester at Foodstuffs

Davesh - developer at PlanIt

Hao - developer (Undisclosed)

Varun - developer NZ Police

Guyan - developer Optimation

Kenny - BI developer at DataPoint

Eric Wang - developer at Wine Search

Frank Zhang has secured a full-time BI job

Yan Li has secured a full-time AI developer role

Chanuri has secured a full time senior developer role at Revera

Malcolm M has secured a full time test analyst role at C&Z tech

Chen Mo has secured a full time developer contract at Invenco

Nicky Li has secured a full time developer contract at real estate sys ltd

Edward C has secured a full time developer contract at Tomhahawk

Charles W.. has secured a contract BI developer job at Lotto!

Lawrence So.. has secured full time Software Developer offer from Corttex!

Moss G. (Software developer job offer from * ASSETS SOFTWARE)

Delong Li (Business Intellegence Developer Job Offer from WHB)

Sunny Sun (Contract Software developer Job Offer from Downer)

Sam Zhang (Software developer Job Offer from CFG global)

Joanna J.. (Software developer Job Offer from CBRE!)

Lynn Yua.. (Software Developer Job Offer from a barcode)

Leo C. (Service Desk Job Offer from **Undisclosed** in Wellington)

Advit Ramesh (Developer Job Offer from **Undisclosed**)

Abey Chacko (Test Analyst Job Offer at ICM Asia Pacific)

Sean Xu (Business Intellegence Developer Job Offer at MegaBytes)

Feng Zhu (Software Developer Job Offer at GoExpress)

Rajesh Kumar(Developer Job Offer from Arion)

Yun Chen (Developer Job Offer from Abel)

Aruna (Developer Job Offer from **Undisclosed**),

Jack Kanimea (Developer Job Offer from Amstrax)

Helen Dong (Test Analyst Job Offer from **Undisclosed**)

Helen Guov (Developer Job Offer from **Undisclosed**)

Vincent (Full-time Developer Job Offer)

Allan Liang (Developer Job Offer from Central Station Software)

Daljit Singh (Test Analyst Fleet Partners)

Eden Wu (Developer Job Offer from CFG)

Reshma Puthran (Test Analyst from Clear Point)

Mia Zhang (Developer from Core Education)

Janani Kannan (Test Analyst from Chorus)

Mike Yang secured data analyst full-time job at Hauora Coalition

Dylan Lee secured developer full-time job at Datacom

Minh Cao secured developer full-time job at Camsensor

Romelyn Ungab secured developer full-time job at IPFX

Martins Janson secured developer full-time job at Vista

Salomon Zhang secured developer full-time job St Peter School

Devin Wang secured developer full-time job at CBD Dating App Dev

Jim Aston secured developer full-time job at Titanium Solutions

Kitty Ma secured developer full-time job at Serato

Abhijeet secured developer full-time job at Debit Success

Ashani Darshika secured test analyst full-time job at Cortex

Nicky Vargese secured test analyst full-time job at Theta

Archana Rachuri secured test analyst full-time job at Datacom

Majesh Mohanan secured test analyst full-time job

Reshma Puthran secured test analyst full-time job at Clear Point

Shainna secured test analyst full-time job at Born Digital

Mamta Kumari secured Business Intelligence job at IAG

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