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Extremely simple words to explain Blockchain

By |May 28th, 2018|BUSINESS, Software Development|

What Blockchain is a set of distributed databases running on different computers a.k.a. Node. If something is stored on the blockchain (various computers), it is perpetual and not-destroy-able. Blockchain has very sophisticated algorithms to prove data/transactions to be stored on the chain, The goal is to ensure its validity and integrity. Why Blockchain mechanism (Decentralisation) [...]

Industry Connect is part of the six groups shortlisted following stage one of NZ ICT Graduate schools

By |December 15th, 2014|BUSINESS, COMPANY, Graduate Jobs, NEWS|

Industry Connect is part of the six groups were shortlisted following stage one of a two-stage tender process. “The new schools will connect tertiary education and industry to deliver more of the ICT skills New Zealand needs by lifting the training of our next generation of high-tech professionals to another level,” Mr Joyce says. “It [...]