Frequently Asked Questions

Industry Connect is the Incubator for IT/Software Job Seekers.

Once you signed up for any of our programme, you will continuously learn the in-demand skills, improve your soft skills and communications, work with our masters on commercial projects to gain the valuable local experience, receive opportunities from our platform. You can stay inside the incubator to grow until you are successful!

Industry Connect was established by the cutting edge software companies, the IT/Software Job-Ready Programmes teach the participants the skills required by the current IT/Software job market, as part of the programme, our participants will be placed to a mentored internship to gain the valuable local project experience.

Over the last 5 years, Industry Connect helped hundreds start their new career in software, and has become the default choice for IT graduates and new immigrants wanting to enter the local software industry. Check out 100+ video interviews of success case studies

We will support our participants all the way through your job search and the interview process until you get a successful job placement.

Currently we are offering the follow programmes

  1. Software Developer Job Ready. Fee starts from $5985
  2. Test Analyst Job Ready. Fee starts from $5985
  3. Business Intelligence Job Ready or Data Scientist. Fee starts from $5985
  4. Programming Boot Camp (For Beginners). Fee starts from $12990
  1. We invested and developed our own unique learning platform – The industry Connect Operating System including modules like job engine, interview sim and AI.
  2. We built the Industry Connect app to connect with our participants on a daily basis.
  3. Industry Connect is operated the same way as how our founders operate their software companies.
  4. We helped 400+ participants enter the local IT/Software industry.
  5. We worked with local governments on employment projects. e.g. Immigration and education department.
  6. The projects of the internship are reputable in the local IT/Software industry.
  7. We will not stop helping you until you secure an IT/Software job.
  8. We keep innovating to push results to a limit.
We train you how to fish, but do not give you a fish. By this we mean that we give you the necessary skill base such as:
a) Technical Skills in demand
b) Commercial Experience (Internship) to back up your technical skills in a practical environment
c) Soft skills
d) Interview Simulation / CV preparation / Online Presence
e) Reference based on your performance

You will be on a platform that enables you everything you will need to kick off your career in IT/Software.

Our IT/Software Job Ready Programmes run for 6 weeks training by people from the industry.

After 6 weeks technical sessions, you will be placed on a commercial project for a 3 month mentored internship.

Our Boot camp plus Job Ready Programme runs for 12 weeks and then you are placed on a commercial project for a 3-month mentored internship.

6 weeks training Session Time

  • Monday 6:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Tuesday 6:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Wednesday 6:30PM to 8:30PM

In-office / Remote Internship

  • Full-time – 5 days per week from 10:00am to 4:00pm
  • Part-time – 2 to 3 days a week at agreed start and finish time.
  • Casual

Intake Dates
Find more about the dates of the intakes. Click here

It varies on the different projects. There are both part-time and full-time internships. You can opt in the one that suits you best.
  1. The only reason it is cheaper is that it does not require us to rent much more office space. The rest is exactly the same.
  2. We utlise the latest technologies, the remote participation is just like online conferencing like most of the companies use nowadays for talking to the team in different regions.
  3. Almost all the IT/Software companies need a certain degree of remote work. It is quite common.
  4. You can interact with the team anywhere on Slack, our app and our project management tool.
  5. Although, it is remote participation, but your experience is still local.
  6. Another benifit is No Travel, Save a lot of Time!
  7. You can still come to MVP.Studio to meet people and attend event.
You will have access to all training materials from our web portal once you’ve paid and enrolled as a participant and will be able to catch up in your own time. And you are welcome to come back to take another session in the future intakes.
Our app will send you jobs when you have reached a certain level. We do have employers ask for candidates and we will put the right candidates through.
Payment options are available for permanent residents and citizens of Australia and New Zealand.
The success rate of anyone looking for a job is determined by their attitude and determination in putting themselves out there by applying for positions that match their current skill base in all facets. If your attitude is right, we continue to support you until you are successful. Speaking of past experience, participants with the right attitude and following our instructions, they have all been in work place.
Gold/Premium receives highest attention especially when there is a job opportunities. We will also work with you closely and come up with a personalised success plan. For more 
You can participate remotely online as if you are working with the team in the office. Find out how it works.
We do not sponsor any visa. Industry Connect is an industrial initiative and we are not a registered school.
It’s important that our participants have the right technical skills before they start the Internship. However, if you do have the same skill set that we teach you, please discuss your internship with our training managers.
  1. Register here to get an action list and FREE CV templates
  2. Our friendly staff will be in touch with you for the next step
  3. Attend our information night or send us CV for review
  4. Receive the offer & Choose a success plan
  5. Join the sessions to learn the cool stuff for 6 weeks
  6. Join a commercial project for 3+ months & Gain the experience!
  7. Improve Soft skills, confidence, public speaking & team working
  8. Win the interviews & land a software job
Before we can offer you a place on our programme, we will evaluate your degree, technical background, experience, and attitude. We may also require a face-to-face interview during the process.