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Finding software developer jobs: we can help

December 30th, 2015|Internship, News|

Finding software developer jobs can be a real challenge, especially if you have no experience. And of course, you can’t get experience without a job. It’s the old Catch 22 that has graduates pulling their hair out in frustration. But don’t panic! There is a way to get out of this vicious cycle; an internship [...]

Six programming languages you should watch out for in 2016

December 25th, 2015|News|

Software development is the fastest changing career out there, so it’s necessary to be on the ball when it comes to what may be round the corner. Check out these six programming languages that are likely to make waves in 2016.   Scala Scala has been around for a while, well, at least longer than [...]

Why you should join our programmer internship

December 21st, 2015|Internship, News|

A programmer internship probably won’t have you beating off the girls with a big stick, but what it will get you however is a solid base for your future, giving you a steady foundation upon which to build. And who knows, maybe from these humble beginnings in a software developer intern you’ll turn out to be [...]

What you’ll learn on our incredible programming bootcamp

December 17th, 2015|News|

Industry Connect have created a programming bootcamp that is specifically designed to boost your knowledge of software development and help find start your career in the IT world! Our mission statement is simple; find young, up and coming programmers, teach them all we know, and then get them a job. If it sounds too good to [...]

IT Jobs in New Zealand

December 13th, 2015|News|

New Zealand is world renowned for its entrepreneurial, imaginative and pioneering attitude. This year, 2015, the Global Innovation Index ranked us 15th in the world, ahead of countries such as Australia, Canada and Japan. With recent success stories hitting the headlines, software development in New Zealand has rapidly become a guiding light in this age of bits and [...]

Five things every junior software developer should know

December 8th, 2015|News|

If you’re just starting out as a junior software developer, then there’s a few things that you should know before you begin your career in programming. If you’re just out of University, then you probably think you know everything to do with computers… well, you don’t. The IT world is constantly changing, and as such, [...]

Check out our Programmer Internship!

December 5th, 2015|Internship, News|

With a Programmer Internship through Industry Connect, you can get your career in IT off to the best possible start. Through our Programmer Internship, you will learn incredible, up-to-date skills and techniques that are used in the day-to-day runnings of an IT business. Our “Job-Ready” programme has been created by professional software developers and experienced IT professionals, [...]

Junior Software Developer Jobs- let us help

December 3rd, 2015|News|

If you have been Googling 'Junior Software Developer jobs', then you might have noticed you're not exactly having jobs offers thrown at you. Now don't get us wrong, there are jobs out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to land. And yes, there are plenty of jobs. In fact, jobs in the IT sector have risen [...]