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Staying Motivated During Your Job Search in IT: Becoming the Architect of Your Story

May 29th, 2024|News, Personal Development, Soft skills|

Searching for a job can be a daunting and often discouraging experience, especially in the highly competitive field of IT. Whether you're aspiring to become a Software Developer, Test Analyst, or Business Intelligence/Data Analyst, the journey can be filled with ups and downs. The key to success lies in your ability to persevere and stay [...]

From Developer to Data Analyst: Sruthi Priya’s Journey into the BI/Data Analyst Industry

May 23rd, 2024|Business Intelligence, Data Analyst, Real Stories, Software Development|

Have you ever considered a career change in the IT industry? Today, we meet Sruthi Priya, who transitioned from a software developer to a reporting analyst. Let's delve into her inspiring journey and the valuable insights she offers for aspiring data analysts. From Software Development to Data Analysis Sruthi, with a strong background in computer [...]

From Sales Consultant to Data Analyst: Raj Patel’s Journey in 6 Months

May 15th, 2024|Business Intelligence, Data Analyst, Internship, News, Real Stories|

In the dynamic landscape of career transitions, stories like Raj Patel's stand out as inspiring examples of dedication, passion, and strategic planning. Raj's journey from being a technology sales consultant to landing a job as a Data Analyst in just six months showcases the power of determination and focused skill development. Before Raj embarked on [...]

A Journey to Success as a QA Engineer

May 9th, 2024|News, Soft skills, Test Analyst, Testimonials|

In the dynamic world of Information Technology, where evolution is the norm and adaptability is key, individuals like Dilhani Hemachandra stand out as shining examples of ambition and perseverance. Dilhani's journey from enrolling in a Test Analyst Job Ready Programme to securing a coveted role as a QA Engineer exemplifies the power of dedication, continuous [...]