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The benefits of a programming internship.

June 28th, 2015|News|

If a programming internship is something you are interested in, hen Industry Connect are the company to call! Let us help you get your career in IT off to a great start with one of our specialised programmes, specifically designed to help young software developers. Advantages of a programming internship Get noticed by potential employers [...]

Programmer jobs in Auckland- how to get the advantage

June 23rd, 2015|News|

There are a lot of people out there at the moment searching for programmer jobs in Auckland, but how hard is it to find one? Well, jobs in the IT sector have risen almost 12% in the past year, so there are definitely programmer jobs in Auckland. But just because there are positions available, doesn’t [...]

What a programmer internship will teach you.

June 22nd, 2015|News|

Industry Connect have created a special programmer internship for those who want to begin a career in the IT world. It’s a unique blend of education, theory and hands-on experience, and it’s a one of a kind in Auckland. Our programmer internship allows you to work with IT professionals in a close environment, learning from [...]

Why you should start an Internship in Software Development

June 16th, 2015|News|

An internship in software development is the gateway to a successful career. It’s not just a bonus to have experience in the IT Industry, it’s essential, and an internship with Industry Connect is the perfect way to gain that experience. We know how important an internship in software development, and that’s why we have our [...]

Take a look at what previous interns say about our programming internship

June 12th, 2015|News|

Industry Connects’ programming internship is the gateway to a fulfilling career in the world of IT. We have helped dozens of graduates with their careers, by setting them on the path to success! Take a look at some of our previous Interns, and what they have to say about our programming internship. Attending your programming [...]

Software Developer jobs in New Zealand

June 7th, 2015|News|

New Zealand is renowned all over the world for its entrepreneurial, imaginative and pioneering attitude. Back in 2012, the Global Innovation Index ranked Aotearoa 13th in the world, and with recent success stories hitting the headlines, software development in New Zealand has rapidly become a loadstar in this age of bits and bites. The country’s [...]

The top advantages of software developer jobs.

June 4th, 2015|News|

Software developer jobs are becoming more and more popular, and a career in IT is now a realistic and respectable option for many people. Take a look at the top advantages of choosing a path of software development. The rate of pay is very good. According to the Government’s official website, the average rate of [...]