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Calling all test analysts in Australia!

October 29th, 2017|Graduate Jobs|

If you’re looking for a test analyst job in Australia, then Industry Connect are the people to talk to! We’ve just opened up offices in Ozzie, and we’re here to help you find your first job as a test analyst in Australia. Join our programme and land your dream job A test analyst internship is [...]

Charles just landed his first job as a data analyst

October 24th, 2017|News|

Becoming a data analyst isn’t easy to do. It’s a tough job, and companies don’t want someone who’s wet behind the ears - they need experience. But how do you get that experience without having a job? It’s a Catch 22 that has people pulling their hair out in frustration. Luckily we have the answer, [...]

Why learn C# from employment perspective

October 22nd, 2017|Software Development|

Companies you can work for One of the biggest benefits of learning C# is that it is used by the wide range of companies. From small startups to big corporations.  C# has been one of the top 5 most popular programming languages for the past decade, as well as being the main language that enterprises pay programmers to [...]

Come along to our Industry Connect Information morning

October 17th, 2017|News|

If you are a recent IT graduate and are wondering how to land a job now University is finished, then you need to speak to us. Or if you have just arrived in New Zealand and have a background in IT, but can’t find a job here, then we can help. How Industry Connect can [...]

A career change from networking career to software development

October 11th, 2017|Software Development|

Yadira (from Networking career) said on our facebook page review, "If you want to switch careers, are committed to learn but you are not sure if software development is right for you, then I recommend you to give Industry Connect a try. You will be amazed of what you can achieve through this program."   [...]

Looking for a programming job in Christchurch?

October 9th, 2017|Software Development|

If you’re searching for a programming job in Christchurch, then you might have discovered it's not as easy as you thought. The annoying thing is, there are plenty of jobs out there, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk into one. With a programming job in Christchurch, there are plenty of other people looking too, [...]

Alex lands a job with the help of Industry Connect

October 2nd, 2017|Graduate Jobs, News|

Another week, another success story from Industry Connect! Alex moved here from Macedonia when he was a teenager, and since he’s lived here, he has studied at Massy University, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science. But like many people, as Alex discovered that having a degree doesn’t mean having a job, and [...]

What does Business Intelligence Developer do?

October 1st, 2017|News, Software Development|

Business intelligence developers make the data understandable for businesses! Business intelligence (BI) leverages software tools to transform data into useful insights that help business decisions. BI tools access and analyse data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the [...]