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Why an internship in software development is important

July 30th, 2016|Internship, News|

The Importance of internship in software development cannot be overstated. It is not just a bonus to have experience in the IT Industry, it’s essential, and an internship is the best way to get that experience. Industry Connect know the importance of internship in software development, and that’s why we have our intern programmes, specially made [...]

A teacher in Shanghai has become a Software Developer in Auckland

July 28th, 2016|Uncategorized|

 Misty was a primary school teacher in Shanghai. She and her hubby came to NZ for study and live. She has been through our Job Ready Programme at Industry Connect and now she has got the full time job offer. Now Misty's hubby has also joined our Software Job Ready programme.

Which of our software developer programmes should you sign up for?

July 26th, 2016|News|

Software developer programme Our ‘Job Ready’ software developer programme has been specifically designed to get you a job at the end of it. You’ll work alongside and be guided by experienced software developers and IT professionals. You’ll work on real-world IT problems, deal with real clients, and work to real deadlines. The hands-on coaching, 1-to-1 [...]

Meet Peter, his visa’s expiring in 20 days

July 24th, 2016|Software Development|

Peter secured a full-time solution developer job right before his visa's expiry date. To him, it is a life changing event and he can now apply for work visa and sponsor his family to New Zealand from South Africa. Peter said, "I cannot see myself having this job without Industry Connect, Industry Connect will teach [...]

Our test analyst internship is the perfect way to launch a career

July 19th, 2016|Internship|

A test analyst internship is a common hunting ground for employers searching for new talent. By signing up to Industry Connect’s test analyst internship, you can get yourself in prime position to be snapped up by one of Auckland’s leading software companies. "... a test analyst internship is the perfect place to recruit new employees..." As far [...]

From van driver to software developer

July 15th, 2016|Internship, Testimonials|

What a great transformation from non-IT person to full-stack Software Developer in few months. Well done Gary! Hi guys. We’re here with Gary. Gary just got a job. Well done. Thank you. Why don’t you tell us about your experience before coming to Industry Connect? Before coming to Industry Connect, I was driving a van and [...]

Meet the people who landed their first IT job in New Zealand

July 12th, 2016|Graduate Jobs, News, Testimonials|

The latest success stories from Industry Connect Every month people who signed up with our job-ready programmes are leaving to start their careers in IT! We have helped hundreds of people land their first IT job in New Zealand, and this month was no exception. Check out these hard working people who came to us [...]

Six reasons to join Industry Connect

July 5th, 2016|Graduate Jobs, News|

Becoming a software developer is a sound career choice these days. The digital world has now taken over, and not only are there plenty of jobs and opportunities available, but they’re also well paid. If becoming a software developer is something that interests you, then Industry Connect can help. We have created special software development [...]