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Unlock Your Potential: Software Internships in the UK

May 29th, 2023|Internship|

Whether you're seeking a fresh career start, a change, or a return to the workforce after a break, check out our Software Internships in the UK!

Launch your new career today with our software internships in Hong Kong

May 22nd, 2023|Internship|

Are you searching for software internships in Hong Kong? We have fantastic news for you! Industry Connect is now venturing to the Fragrant Harbour!

Unlocking Opportunities: Software Internships in Canada

May 15th, 2023|Internship|

If you're looking for software Internships in Canada, Industry Connect is your ideal partner! We've already revolutionised the IT sector in New Zealand!

Software Developer Internships in Ireland

May 8th, 2023|Internship|

Are you ready to become a software developer in the Emerald Isle? Look no further! Industry Connect is holding Software Developer Internships in Ireland!

Find Software Internships in Singapore!

May 1st, 2023|Internship|

Searching for exciting software internships in Singapore? Look no further! We have transformed the IT sector in New Zealand, and now we're in Singapore.

Come to Industry Connect for practical software training

April 24th, 2023|Software Development|

Our special course is a unique blend of education, theory and hands-on experience - a one-of-a-kind and the best way to gain practical software training!

Why Australian IT companies look to interns for their future employees

April 17th, 2023|Internship|

Programming internships are a popular way for Australian IT companies to find new talent. Discover why this is the case, and how Industry Connect can help.

Anyone can have a career in software development

April 10th, 2023|Software Development|

Industry Connect offer specialised six-week “job-ready” courses for you to start your career in software development. Discover more here:

From theory to practice: how an IT internship can enhance your technical skills

April 3rd, 2023|Internship|

Just because you have a degree saying you know about computers doesn’t mean a company wants to employ you. They would rather have someone without a degree but who has real-world experience.

Why you shouldn’t give up trying to find work after a career gap

March 27th, 2023|News|

A career gap shouldn't hold you back from finding work. Your skills are still valuable, gaps are common and the right opportunity is out there! Trust us!