More success stories from Industry Connect, this time it’s Jingbin who has secured a test analyst job after joining us. We sat down with her to ask about her experience with here.

First of all, congratulations on your new test analyst job! We’re very happy for you because we know you’ve come on a bit of a journey to get here. Can you just tell us a bit about where you’ve come from and how you came to be at Industry Connect?

Well I’m from China and I just by chance saw an advert on Facebook about Industry Connect, and at that time I was really new in New Zealand, and because I had my educational background in China, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get IT experience in New Zealand, that’s why I check you guys out.

You’ve come along way in such a short time… you came and did our test analyst job ready programme, then you went away for a little bit because you had to work – a lot of people out there they have to work – and then you came back to do the internship. Tell us about that, how did your internship go?

The internship is very helpful because I had a lot of tasks, and I got to upgrade my skills. Then I joined the Champion Circle, where I got a one-on-one mentorship, and he was very helpful.

So he gave you a one-on-one mentorship, showing you your strengths and weaknesses, and he helped you with how to apply for positions too.

Yeah, especially when I had a lot of questions at once, he helped me. If I had no idea what was happening, he helped me. He gave me a lot of support and ideas.

Awesome. If you had a friend or somebody who you just came across, that was finding it hard to enter the IT market, what would you tell them about Industry Connect?

I would highly recommend Industry Connect. Just come here to take your session and then a jump into your industry. You will get very good value and experience here.

Well thank you so much for sharing with everyone and congratulations on your new test analyst job, we know you’re going to be such an asset for their company.


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