Over the years at Industry Connect, we have seen hundreds of mums that have come from an IT background prior to starting a family and once they have raised their children to preschool/school age have decided that “Now is the time” to return to their IT career.

There’s a lot to be said about mothers and the qualities and attributes that they have.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the valuable contributions that mothers returning to IT careers offer to their teams and the industry as a whole.

Resilience and Time Management

Mothers are masters of juggling multiple tasks, often handling their work while raising children. This experience builds incredible resilience and time management skills. In the IT industry, where deadlines and complex projects are the norm, these qualities are priceless. Mothers returning to IT careers can efficiently manage their time, meet deadlines, and adapt to ever-changing workloads, which can be a significant asset to any team.

Problem-Solving Skills

Motherhood is a constant stream of problem-solving. Whether it’s troubleshooting a toddler’s tantrum or figuring out the logistics of a family vacation, moms become adept at identifying issues and finding creative solutions. In the IT world, problem-solving is a cornerstone skill. Mothers bring a fresh perspective and a knack for thinking outside the box, which can lead to innovative solutions to complex technical challenges.

Communication and Teamwork

Mothers have an innate ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with various people. They often act as mediators, negotiators, and motivators within their families, skills that easily translate to the workplace. Their talent for fostering cooperation and maintaining clear lines of communication can help bridge gaps within IT teams, leading to better project outcomes and stronger relationships among team members.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Motherhood fosters empathy and emotional intelligence. Mothers learn to understand and respond to the needs of their children, which can be applied to work as well. In the IT field, understanding the perspectives and concerns of colleagues and clients is vital for successful project management. Moms returning to IT bring a heightened sense of empathy, helping build stronger, more compassionate teams.


Motherhood is a constant journey of adaptation. From sleepless nights to changing routines, moms become experts at adapting to new circumstances. In the fast-paced IT industry, where technologies and methodologies are constantly evolving, adaptability is crucial. Moms returning to IT careers bring a natural ability to embrace change and quickly learn new skills and technologies.

Strong Work Ethic

Balancing a family and a career requires a strong work ethic. Moms often go above and beyond to ensure that both their family and work responsibilities are met. Their determination, dedication, and commitment can serve as a model for the entire team, motivating everyone to put in their best efforts.

Mothers returning to IT careers bring a wealth of skills and qualities to their teams that go beyond technical expertise. Their resilience, time management, problem-solving skills, communication abilities, empathy, adaptability, and strong work ethic make them a valuable asset to any IT team. It’s essential for organizations to recognize and appreciate the contributions of mothers in the workforce and support their successful integration into the IT industry. Embracing diversity and the unique strengths that mothers bring can lead to more innovative, collaborative, and successful IT teams.

Here’s to all Mothers in IT!



DULIKA had a 10-year gap to raise her family, upskilled with Industry Connect and got back into her IT career! 

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