A couple of days ago, I asked you what were your biggest pains, frustrations and challenges in finding a software development, testing or data analytics job right now.   Thank you for your feedback.  I received over 100 replies!

During this week I have read all of the responses, many of which were very comprehensive and insightful, and I have started to pull the key themes together into a series of articles that I will share with you via email and in an upcoming e-book.

Here are the top 3 reasons that I received:
Lack of experience – particularly local or relevant commercial experience.  
Not having the right technical skills. 
Having a gap in your employment history.

From my experience in helping people get jobs, these are the most common problems people come to me with, looking for a solution.  So if you are suffering from one of these issues, then you are not alone!

The obvious question is “How do you overcome these obstacles?”  

Starting next week I am going to email a series of articles that examine each of these challenges; why are they so important to employers and what you can do to overcome them.  These articles will give you an understanding and insight into the actions you should take to start your career.  

Have a great weekend.  Keep developing! 


Hear what they say about their journey of landing a software job.