There is a number of emails hitting our inbox of asking “Do you give me an IT/software job”

We want to help anyone, but those who ask this question, we worry about the mindset towards professional employment.

What is a professional job?

A professional job is determined by the level of learning required.


1. A normal job seeker is someone with a degree or relevant background and has learned domain knowledge of certain areas. Therefore, people who ask this question may not even have any background.

2. As we all know, there is an interview process involved for any professional job, people who ask this question have no clue what it is like.

3. Job is offered, not given as such. By offer, it means the employers need to decide first, it is not anyone else can decide for the employers. So how can anyone decide on behalf of the employer?!

4. “Do you give me a job?”, “Do you give me money?”, “Do you give me a …” Sounds like a beggar on the street, asking for money by doing nothing? it is not about asking, it is how you earn by learning.

Here is one popular quote

Here is another one from the prawn farm  in Taupo, New Zealand

How Industry Connect “GIVE” you an IT Software job?

We teach you how to “fish” by the senior anglers, bring you to the “fish pond”, “fish with you” until you get the “fish”

  • We will train you so you will LEARN.
  • We will arrange you to mentored internship, so you will gain experience
  • We will expose you to our employer network, so you will have more chance.

You are going to have
In-demand skills
plus Local Experiences
plus Our employer network connections
plus Going through behavior and technical interviews
plus verbal or written references required by employers
plus our support & the team.
plus if bad luck, still no job. No problem – stay on the MENTORED internship until you are successful

How to fail?

The only thing you can fail is you give up, and we will not let you do that.

Meet us on Wednesday without any traffic.

You will find out:
1. Who we are and why our founders started Industry Connect.
2. What our programmes are, how they work, what they cover and the steps to joining one of them.
3. How the software companies work and internship works with our partners.
4. Face-to-face interview by software company CTO and entrepreneur to find out if the programme is right for you. (Also share some tips)

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We’ve “GIVEN” them an IT Software Job

Hear what they say about their journey of landing a software job.