Blockchain is a set of distributed databases running on different computers a.k.a. Node.
If something is stored on the blockchain (various computers), it is perpetual and not-destroy-able.

Blockchain has very sophisticated algorithms to prove data/transactions to be stored on the chain,
The goal is to ensure its validity and integrity.

Blockchain mechanism (Decentralisation) forms an infrastructure that people can trust and an authority created by consensus.
Therefore, blockchain can be used to issue currencies and contracts.

DApp – Decentralised Applications
Applications created with utilisation of blockchain are called DApps.
Some DApps’ critical logic such as deposit of something can use blockchain to implement since it is more transparent and trustworthy.

It is based on decentralisation/blockchain, it offers the best incentives for new business models based on blockchain,
E.g. the owner of a software platform can be incentivised by the token value rather than acting as a middle man of any transactions between users.

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