Another success story from Industry Connect, this time with Kamal landing a job as a Junior Software developer with his very first job interview!

We sat down and talked to him about what it was like being at Industry Connect.

“I used to work on a Cruise Ship, ”he tells us, “I started from a kitchen background, but because of certain circumstances, I had to work to support my family.”

“So I had to come to New Zealand and started an IT course at AUT. After I completed that course, I applied straight away to Industry Connect.”

So why did Kamal decide to join us straight out of University? “I heard that instead of just applying for jobs and getting rejected, if I joined Industry Connect I could learn more technical skills, which is what is needed in the industry.

“That not only helps to get me a job, but also gives me the confidence to start. When you start a job, and you’re also confident, that matters as well I think.”

So what were the new skills Kamal picked up?

“It was more on the technical list, so MVC, C#, Bootstrap and Javascript. But there were also soft skills I picked up. Our team leader was focused on the non-technical side, so from the very beginning he would talk to us about our communication, presentation skills, and how to talk to people, how to work in a team as well.”

And if there’s anyone considering joining Industry Connect, what would his advice be?

“Oh definitely. Definitely. It doesn’t matter which way you do it; if you apply for jobs first, or come to Industry Connect straight from University first. It gives you the confidence and prepares you for interviews.”

Kamal is just one of dozens of success stories to come out of Industry Connect’s Job Ready Programme. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, and let’s get the ball rolling on your new career in software development.


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