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The great moment of career life is when I secured a Senior BI Analyst position

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  Are you ❌struggling ❌ to kick-start your first IT Software job? 1. ✅Are you a recent IT grad or new immigrant? 2. ✅Returning to IT with gap experiences? 3. ✅Switching career to the rewarding IT? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - we have helped hundreds like you 🇳🇿AU/NZ INFO-INTERVIEW SESSION 🇦🇺 Meet our team to [...]

Rahul is now a Data Analyst at Intergral Diagnostics

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Rahul's journey of learning and gaining local experience.   Are you ❌struggling ❌ to kick-start your first IT Software job? 1. ✅Are you a recent IT grad or new immigrant? 2. ✅Returning to IT with gap experiences? 3. ✅Switching career to the rewarding IT? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - we have helped hundreds like you [...]

Ten years career gap didn’t vanish her IT career dream

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Sunitha used to work as a manual tester. At the time, she needed to choose between career and family. She decided to devote herself to the family. Ten years later, Sunitha found it is time to get back to the workforce, not only it will provide an extra income stream for the family, and professional [...]

Teja’s learning “companion” started to give him advice on day one

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Recently, Teja has secured a Business Reporting Analyst position at Datacom Melbourne in Australia. Teja gained a master degree in 2016 in Melbourne, and he later went back to India. He was looking for an IT software job after he came back to Australia and found it is quite difficult to get a job offer [...]

I almost gave up my IT software career after migrating here from Philippines

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It was really, really dream come true. My future can be better now! Without Industry Connect, I wouldn't be able to get to this stage. I had a computer science degree in the Philippines, and I worked there for 1.5 years as SQL analyst. After my husband decided to move to New Zealand, I had [...]

[Awesome News] TWENTY Job Offers in Last Four Weeks

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There are more than 21 participants secured a well-paid software job in the last 4 weeks in New Zealand and Australia. Not just a dream career to them, they made their parents and families very proud and some of them are in tears!  If you have been accepted by Industry Connect on the training programme, that [...]

Why should you learn C# for jobs in Australia and New Zealand in 2019

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So many languages are out there and so difficult to choose. It is a common problem for people who are recently graduated from university or the ones who want to learn a new language. Just make the concept clearer, C# is a language, .NET is a platform to run the software written by C#. Employment [...]

How to join the IT industry in New Zealand and Australia

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If you want to join the IT industry in New Zealand or Australia, then we can help. Industry Connect offer job-ready programs, designed to get you into the workforce in the career you want. These unique programming courses, each designed for a specific area of the industry, will give you a head start in the [...]

Launch your career as a programmer with our help!

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A career as a programmer is a good choice these days. Software Developer jobs have now taken over, and not only are there plenty of opportunities available, but they’re also very well paid. If a career as a programmer is something that interests you, then Industry Connect can help. We have created special software development [...]

Real-world software training through us

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If you’re looking for real-world software training in New Zealand or Australia, then Industry Connect have designed an incredible software developer programme just for you! If you’re interested in a career in the world of IT, as a programmer or developer, then keep reading! Our special course is a unique blend of education, theory and practical [...]