Hi, Karla here again.  These are the last two topics on Soft Skills today and they’re Adaptability and Collaboration.  


Adaptability, or flexibility, is the ability to embrace change and challenges with a positive, resourceful attitude.

We all face unexpected problems in the workplace, but those with strong adaptability skills are able to approach these calmly and find solutions quicker than those who might be less flexible. 

Also, as the modern workplace is constantly evolving, having a level of resilience to these changes and an ability to view them as opportunities rather than obstacles is an attractive asset to employers. 

How to improve your adaptability 

Adaptability means being resourceful, curious, and persistent. Learning how to add this to your own skill set takes practice but it’s worth the effort. 

Try studying colleagues who you perceive as being especially flexible or whose workplace attitude you’d like to replicate. You could take notes on their behaviours or ask them directly for guidance.

If you’re facing a particularly difficult challenge, try and find the positives  – there will usually be some, even if it’s just the opportunity to show how you’ve overcome a problem. 


Collaboration or teamwork is the ability to work effectively with your colleagues. It encompasses and requires a variety of other important soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, adaptability and communication. 

Working collaboratively means you can solve problems quicker and better understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Working together also fosters a healthy work environment of learning and sharing between colleagues. 

How to work more collaboratively

Working together with others towards a common goal is a crucial and common aspect of many roles, so being able to do it effectively is a skill worth investing in. 

Learning how to work more collaboratively first requires a self-analysis of where you feel you work well in a team and where you think you could improve.

Next time you find yourself in a collaborative working situation, try and take on a role you’re not used to. This will help you develop a full spectrum of collaborative working skills. 

I hope that you will keep developing your Soft Skills as you become aware of where you are at with them.  Remember it’s a continuous process for life. 

Thanks for joining me on this and here’s to developing your Soft Skills and standing out from the crowd.

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