Programming is the shortened term for computer programming. This is a process which leads from original computing problem formulation to an executable computer program. This involves activities like developing understanding, analysis, algorithm generation, algorithm requirement verification that includes resource consumption and correctness. Implementation or coding of algorithms targets programming language.  In real world, this is the process to solve business problems.

The source code were written in single or more programming languages such as C#,  JavaScript, HTML, SQL and a lot more. Programming purposes it to seek instructional sequence that can automate specific task performance or even solving given problems. As matter of fact, it is to model the business and code it to make it happen.

Employers looking for software developers are generally interested in the stories of the experience the candidates have gained outside of school. They usually divided the applications into two categories i.e. those with experience and those not. With relevant software development experience, the applications certainly standout.

The competition is relatively high for junior developers. By participating in an internship that utilise the right skillset would certainly benefit your first job application.

Aside for the technical sessions offered at Industry Connect, we also allow their participants to undergo programming internship in their chosen commercial project. This is for them see the actual happening and able to learn more from it. Below are the following advantages and benefits of Programming Internship:

  • Gain transferable skills and work experience: All participants have their common educational experience but what stands out the most to employers are those who have tremendous work experience. With this, they are much marketable since they require lesser training and can handle greater responsibilities.
  • Can Possibly Experience Prospective Career Path: Since Internship allows participants to explore in their field, there are some firms that hire their outstanding interns after graduation. If you’re an intern, make this your move in getting your desired job right after graduation. You will no longer need to be worried or be included to pool of applicants since there’s a firm already waiting for you.
  • Grain Practical Experience: This can be done or achieve by means of applying theories and method in classes. There are countless people who prefer or easily learn with hands on experience. This is the chance for you to apply what you have learned from the class into action.
  • Build network with Professionals and other job opportunities: This is the moment that you will be surrounded by expert or professionals in programming industry that also seeks access. This is not just earning credit or getting a high grade but an opportunity for you to learn new things from people that surround you. You can ask questions or simply impress them.
  • Refining and skills development: This is the big opportunity for you to learn your weaknesses and strengths by means of creating new learning objectives or receiving feedback from the superior. This serves as one of the most unique opportunity of learning that anyone could never have again. You should embrace every mistake, observes, take risks and learn. This is the right way to accept and perform programming internship.

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