Sheetal joined us here at Industry Connect and now she’s starting a full-time software developer job. We caught up with her before she left on her new career path to ask her about her time with us.

First of all, congratulations Sheetal we’re so proud of you!

Thank you so much.

Tell us a little bit about your background, where have you come from and how did you come to know about Industry Connect?

I came from India in 2017 where I took up of course with AUT. I was doing my masters program and I happened to just accidentally come across the Facebook page of Industry Connect. At that point I had no had no idea about what it was and but I did look up and I thought okay it’s something interesting, yeah I should be looking into this maybe at a later stage.

By 2018 when I was completing my course and I’m the kind of person always wants to keep things ready, I didn’t want to wait until the last minute, so I got in touch and the person who spoke to me gave me a very clear idea about what the program is and how it actually helps you build up on your strengths and how they open up the avenues for us and then it’s for us to pick up what we want to do.

How did Industry Connect help you to get to where you are today with your full-time software developer job?

I did have some industry experience, then I switched roles and I went into teaching and there was this point where there’s a little gap that came in between having real industry experience and I was really nervous about having to apply, so when I finished my course I knew that I should not start applying for work because, I did want to stop working full time but I was I was not having the confidence.

I think what I owe a lot to Industry Correct is the fact that Industry Connect built up that confidence in me, so that first six weeks of classes that you have with the mentors coming in and the people talking to you, there was so much confidence that burns out that I knew that I should now start applying.

If you came across someone and they were in a similar boat as you, what would you tell them about Industry Connect?

Well if there’s someone who’s exactly the same as I was, the first thing I would say is Industry Connect is just the right place because they know what we go through. It seems like you’re always on the same page the person on the other side. They know what you’re going through and they’ve made that pathway for you, that they know that – okay do this and this and this – and the good thing is there’s no this spoon-feeding here; you have to do the work.  You are exposed to so many things I would seriously suggest that you should take up this opportunity that that comes across, I would tell anybody to actually grab that opportunity.

Well thank you so much sharing your background and congratulations again on your new full-time software developer job.


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