There are more than 21 participants secured a well-paid software job in the last 4 weeks in New Zealand and Australia.

Not just a dream career to them, they made their parents and families very proud and some of them are in tears! 

If you have been accepted by Industry Connect on the training programme, that means you are just one step closer to make someone very proud.

Success is almost assured as we do not kick you out until the job placement.

It is always the right method to land a software job while you learn and work along with software developers or testers on the Industry Connect platform.

Here they are, and most of them had overcome their fears in front of the camera and made the call for Industry Connect’ training and internship.

List of people secured job offers in May 2019 (5 more people not added yet)

First NamePositionCompany
2019MayPresilaQAMaster Business System
2019MayGitaraniQAIntegration Works
2019MayAlinaDeveloperRhapsody/Orion Health
2019MayRajithaBI DeveloperDEWLP
2019MayVamshidherBI DeveloperBroadspectrum
2019MayAlbaBI DeveloperDATAMetrics
2019MayPreetyQAIntegration Works
2019MayRadhikaFrontend DeveloperNAB
2019MaySitharaSenior Automation EngineerPlanIT
2019MayHayzemSenior BI AnalystSkills Organisation
2019MayFionBI AnalystTauranga District Health Board
2019MaySaumyaBI DeveloperEY
2019MayShankarBI DeveloperEY
2019JuneTejaBI DeveloperDatacom



Business Intelligence



Software Developer


Business Intelligence


Test Analyst



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