Data is the new oil, and data is the new currency.

Yes, data play a big role now. Inevitably, the data analyst role is in-demand in the IT market.

As a data analyst, you should stay on top of data with skills to gather data, clean data, transform data and visualise data. Usually, the outcomes are in the forms of reports, as a data analyst, she/he would also be expected to interpret the data in the business context as well as have the ability to find pattern and trend for the management team.

For instance, the banking industry, the data analyst would be able to produce the reports to show current mortgage LTR reports by regions or demographics, He or she can also make a recommendation to the business team for business specific needs. e.g. the report shows the LTR is too high

Sample Tasks

  • To clean the data from the spreadsheet and import into the database.
  • Use the pivot table to great drill down reports
  • Use Power BI to create a dashboard showing P&L
  • Produce a report to see how effective our last marketing campaign was and compare it to the last year’s performance.

To become a data analyst

you will need to learn SQL and some BI tools. If you want to become a data analyst and haven’t got the right skills and experience,

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