The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has left millions stranded at home in China.

The silver lining side is that it boosts the adoption of technology among the families.

Here is a list of technologies that are introduced to solve the problems of people living at home for an extended period without going out.

Contactless food delivery

Online food ordering experienced a huge demand, however, the delivery man also needs to protect themselves, the new way of drop off and pick-up online delivery solved the problem.

New Movie Release is done on the app

Not in cinemas, people can watch newly released movies on the app called Douyin or Tiktok. People experienced that the app can totally replace the traditional way of watching new releases. While we know videos and movies are already online, but what happened here will give stronger reasoning to use services like Netflix or online streaming products.

Virtual Reality House Shopping

It is “dangerous” to go into open homes. The property developers found a way to allow buyers to immerse themselves with the aid of VR technology for making purchase decisions.

AI Technology

AI was used to analyse the virus development and predict the behavior of the virus developing in the epic center.

Remote Learning

While it is widely adopted by commercial companies for a remote working model, but in education, people now are more favoring in remoting facilities as it is safe and accessible. Especially the classes can be recorded.

Jobs using Software Technologies Are Growing Rapidly

While our life is being disrupted by natural disasters, the world is developing at unprecedented speed, the key driver for productivity is computer-related technology, among them, software development, testing, and data analysis remain the key roles for people entering the tech industry.

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