The reference check is an important part of the hiring person to do due diligence before making a job offer. Some other checks are social media checks including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or twitters.

So what they want to know?

They want to know whether you are an “OK-person”. The OK-person means the candidate is predictable and not doing lots of crazy things or always being negative.

(No so good to put your photos like this on social media)


However, when checking the reference, how the hiring manager find them out from the referees? Here are the questions they often ask to get more insights.

What is your relationship with the candidate?
The hiring manager wants to know the quality source of the answers, ideally, this is someone you report to or worked with.

When did the candidate start the internship with your company?
The hiring manager wants to verify if the provided content is true. It is a test of the candidate’s honesty.

If you had the opportunity, would you re-hire this job candidate? Why?
The hiring manager wants to find out what the candidate’s strength or most valuable skills or characters. The hiring manager can get a feel from the referee’s words. (Be a nice person, the referee usually shares what they like about you)

Did the candidate have any conflict with other team members?
The hiring manager wants to find out whether you are a difficult person. People like the easy-going colleagues.

Did the candidate handle stress well?
They want to hear yes, especially in software, it can be quite stressful when things go wrong on production. But managers want calm workers.

What advice would you give to his new manager?
They want to find out how best to motivate the candidate.

Is there anything else we need to know?
They try to find out more unknown details about the candidates such as always take sick leaves or being late.


Generally speaking, you always have a positive attitude on an internship or project, and willing to contribute, your referees would rate you and recommend you.

Our participants will learn every aspect of being a great team member so their referees would love to support them.

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