“Putting yourself in other’s shoes”

Most graduates with major in computer science, information system/technology, and software engineer found that there is a limited number of junior roles available, and the new job seekers start to learn that the process of finding the first full-time job can be quite challenging.

It is quite often that the applicants send CVs to every job available in their search results, without realising the fact that a lot of other entry-level job seekers are doing the same thing. I call it Passive-Job-Seeking. Another fact to note is that people who read your CVs are humans just like you, meaning they have their own emotions, work pressure and other things to deal with. When they see a random application with nothing special just like “Yet, just another CV”, they would ___  I leave it to you to fill in the answer.

Now let’s try to practice one of the most important lessons in one’s life- “Putting yourself in other’s shoes”

Imagine you are the person sitting in the office reviewing all the CVs in your mail inbox, you have 300 applications to process before the deadline, your goal is to find the outstanding graduate candidates for the required role, your manager also asked you to do some other important tasks and you will have to attend weekly meetings in two hours, and you just remembered you need to renew your car insurance policy expiring in one week and have to give them a call today before your partner asking you the third time…

Wait for a second, let’s make it more real. Go to your email inbox whether it is gmail, yahoo or hotmail, etc, click each email’s subject, read its content and imagine you have to view the attachments as well which are at least 300k in size (some got as far as 5MB) and wait for it for opening up in word or PDF, and make sure you do this for 300 times.

I bet you will get a much better idea of how the process works. This practice will help you gaining an understanding of competitions for entry-level jobs as well as knowing the fact they are the people like you doing their jobs to select the candidates.

Next, in Graduate Software Developer Jobs – Part 2, I will talk about how people actually look at your CV. Personally, I’ve reviewed, interviewed and hired graduate developers and been spending lots of time talking to friends who work in Human Resource departments. Moreover, I have reported to quite a few hiring managers in my previous jobs, and have attended dozens of job interviews of various levels. I will share my findings in the next post. Graduate Software Developer Jobs – Part 1

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