So many languages are out there and so difficult to choose. It is a common problem for people who are recently graduated from university or the ones who want to learn a new language.

Just make the concept clearer, C# is a language, .NET is a platform to run the software written by C#.


First of all, let’s have an objective, I hope you come here is to learn a language for getting a job.

OK. At the time writing this article, there are

  • Australia: 7928 jobs for C#  –
    • 7928 jobs for C#, 3149 jobs for Java, 2294 jobs for Python, 995 jobs for PHP
  • New Zealand: 780 jobs for C# –
    • 780 jobs for C#, 580 for Java, 288 Python and 198 for PHP

By now, I can stop writing the rest article, you should be able to conclude an idea of why C# is the one to go for employment.

It is a beautiful language

C# is a nice looking language! Although people can argue that everyone has their own taste.

The reason I say it is beautiful is that its syntax is easier to read, it evolved from C, C++, and Java. And even JavaScript and C# are very similar syntax-wise. You should consider why the most powerful languages are all having similar syntax look and feel.

It is powerful

With C# on the .NET framework (or .NET Core), you can write web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications.

Apart from that, C# made advanced programming concepts easy – just like a camera with one button. For instance,  async programming, generic, multiple threading, dependency injection, etc.


.NET has a great set of libraries for developers to write applications, unlike other languages like Java, there are way too many options to do basic things. For example, MVC pattern is well supported out of the box by MS, but in Java, they rely on 3rd party vendors to develop the framework.

It is not many options are bad, just sometimes the basic framework is better done by one party and continue to improve. Moreover, .NET developers will have the same skillset across the countries.


C# is natively supported by MS Visual Studio which I believe is the most powerful IDE for programming. If you really want to argue there are better ones, like Eclipse bla bla. I tried, not really, VS is still the best from my opinion. Occasionally, we have people keep talking about .NET is not open source like an evil.   In reality, the .NET core is open sourced and there is nothing wrong even if it is not open source. At the end of the day, it is a skill that helps you land a job, help business to build good software without ripping them off.


Businesses tend to use .NET because it is super productive, that is why it requires fewer resources to develop software. All the businesses are after profit or low-cost effective solution.


In Australia and New Zealand, MS .NET is a very popular choice for most of the businesses, it is a fact by looking at the C# job opportunities.


There are many reasons, but in 2019, in Australia and New Zealand, if you ask which language is the best to learn for getting jobs?

The answer is C#, Best Regards.

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