The market is crying out for front-end developers, but for some reason people are still having trouble landing jobs. But that’s not a problem when you come to Industry Connect! We have helped hundreds of people launch their careers in the IT industry in New Zealand and Australia, with Hayden being the latest success story.

Before coming to Industry Connect, Hayden had a hard time trying to find a job.

“I started my degree in an overseas country, and then I came to New Zealand to get my Bachelors degree,” Hayden tells us. “After that I tried to get a job. I finished my degree in November, and looked for a job for December and January, but had no luck, so I gave up trying.”

“I then search Google and found Industry Connect, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

So why did he come to Industry Connect?

“For an international student like me, language is a steep learning curve. As soon as I came here to Industry Connect, I got a lot of tips about interviews and stuff, as well as the technical side of things: C, C#, javascript, front-end stuff.

“I had a chance to work more with a team, and on presentation skills, so I owe Industry Connect a lot.

Would Hayden say his English improved a lot while he was here?

“Definitely, because I was working closely with three guys on my team, and I had to exchange knowledge and report to another developer every week.”

“My advice to anyone thinking of joining Industry Connect is don’t hesitate, because you’ve got a great team here to help you improve.”

Huge congratulations to Hayden and his new job as a front-end developer, we loved having him here with us.

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