We’re here today with Neha who has just secured a test analyst job after joining Industry Connect.

Firstly Neha, congratulations on your new test analyst job. Can you tell me a little bit about your background? What were you doing before you joined us here at Industry Connect?

Well, I have my postgraduate degree in IT from India and I came here in 2009. After coming here I did try to get into the IT industry but I was asked get some New Zealand experience as I was quite new over here so I tried to get into an admin kind of world. So I started as an admin office administrator and then I moved into HR so all these years I was working as an HR Coordinator.

Last year I decided I will I will try again to move into IT, so that’s how I got to know about MVP studio. So I came here to Industry Connect and did my internship, and now I got a test analyst job.

Congratulations again. So then how did you find your experience here? Both with the course here at Industry Connect and the Internship after that?

I would say it was really good because there was a gap in my IT career, so this course definitely helped me with learning all the testing tools and everything about testing. And also with the internship, it gave me real-time projects and a real working environment, so definitely whatever I have learned, I learned it in the MVP studio. And while working as an intern, I gained confidence. And the team here – everyone helped me and encouraged me and guided me during my journey here, so yeah and a big thank you to MVP studio and everyone over here.

I would say what I have done I have chosen the right path and yeah I’ve got my dream test analyst job now.

That’s great to hear, we always like it when people get those results, so I guess the last question that I’d like to ask is whether there’s any message that you have or any advice you’d give to anyone else in that same position you were in?

Just try to learn as much as you can while you’re here. They are here to guide you, so just whatever time you have here should be about 100% just trying to grab as much as you can learn and keep applying for jobs. That’s the main thing if you won’t apply, you won’t get a job!

Thank you Neha, and congratulations again on your new test analyst job.

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