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I keep seeing Industry Connect on my Facebook, this time I opened it and things are starting to change.

March 31st, 2020|Real Stories|

Kushal has a long career gap and thinking of switching his career to the software. He saw Industry Connect on Facebook, and he does not trust advertisements, but when he saw those real stories from people who got a software job at Industry Connect. He starts changing his mind after watching those videos - the [...]

8 Tips to motivate yourself when struggling mentally

March 30th, 2020|Uncategorized|

The saying “Starting is the hardest thing” exists for good reason. Beginning any task can require a great deal more motivation than continuing the task once you have momentum and focus. If you also happen to be stressed or struggling mentally that day, even the simplest of things, like returning an email or scheduling an [...]

In a short time, It really surprises me when I received the offer of Business Intelligence.

March 29th, 2020|News, Real Stories, Testimonials, Uncategorized|

Jacqui was an international student from China, and when she was in her studies at AUT, she decided to learn local business intelligence techniques to make her more suitable for local markets. I feel excited, and I cannot believe it! I don't have much commercial experience, In a short time, I can get a full-time [...]

✖Coronavirus✖ It cannot stop our technologies at Industry Connect. Here is why…

March 16th, 2020|News|

Covid-19 Update: [Our operation is running as usual] Our operation continues to run as usual as we've been utilising our in-house developed software platform and Zoom to run our training classes as well as the structured internship remotely since 2018. Why It Cannot Stop Our Technologies? Just like software companies use project management tools, [...]

Best thing to do during economics recession to make your life future proof

March 13th, 2020|Software Development|

First thing first, the recession will be over, and it does not last that long. Instead of worrying about the recession, it is time to plan for a career that is future proof. Continue your education and build up skills in technology. “Economists are always emphasising the importance of education,” Sinclair says. “That’s something, even [...]

Corona-virus, Technologies and Software Career

February 25th, 2020|Software Development|

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has left millions stranded at home in China. The silver lining side is that it boosts the adoption of technology among the families. Here is a list of technologies that are introduced to solve the problems of people living at home for an extended period without going out. Contactless [...]

What employers want to know when checking reference

February 23rd, 2020|Internship|

The reference check is an important part of the hiring person to do due diligence before making a job offer. Some other checks are social media checks including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or twitters. So what they want to know? They want to know whether you are an "OK-person". The OK-person means the candidate is predictable [...]

Smart Nation Singapore – What Are Your Opportunities

December 14th, 2019|News|

A Smart Nation simply means the nation is data-driven, more adoptions of innovative ideas and solutions and government utilises technology to better serve the society. Digital revolution and advancements in digital technologies are transforming the way we live. Smart Nation is a leading economy powered by digital innovation. The economy is the biggest driver for [...]

[Interview in Sydney] Industry Connect made it possible that you don’t give up

November 10th, 2019|Real Stories|

Prasan shared his experience about his journey to becoming mid-test analyst in Sydney. Here are some summarised highlights from his interview. After the class training, I continue to learn new technologies on the internship. We were using the technologies than other software companies are using in Sydney at the moment. At the internship, we have [...]

[Learn from me] I just shared the steps I have gone through to secure my junior business intelligence job in Sydney

October 26th, 2019|Real Stories, Testimonials|

Here are some points highlighted from his exit interview after securing a BI role, Great place for people to kick-start their career in BI/Data analyst. It is great how Industry Connect organises the course and internship content with MVP. People share their knowledge and progress. Industry Connect had a training class at the beginning of [...]