Ryan is a computer science student, he is currently still in his final year of study.

He came to Industry Connect early 2019 doing software job-ready program. His goal is to learn industrial tech skills where he does not have that perspective in the uni.

Also, he wants to participate in the real world project to see how things did commercially as to he appreciates that experience is everything to kick-start his first job.

During the training session, Ryan leaned C#, frontend tech, SQL database / NoSQL. It is taught in the way of commercial software development. The best part of his learning is when he landed on the internship and started doing “pull and push” of the code to the repository.

During the internship, Ryan gets the chance to participate in public speaking, scrum updates, and training of soft skills. He was soon invited to the core team to work on more challenging tasks.

Mentors and developers really enjoyed working with Ryan and mentioned his names often to our employer’s network.

Ryan becomes popular in the community and he starts to attract employer’s attention.

One day, the CTO from our partner company is looking for someone with ReactJS and .NET Core C# experience, he heard Ryan and invited Ryan for an interview with the team.

It turns out everything Ryan learned and did is exactely what they use at work.

Ryan was hired right on the spot.

“Still a student? not a problem.”

The CTO said, “I hire people to deliver the value. As long as the person can do that, why should I care?”

So what made the CTO believe Ryan can deliver the value?

Apparently, it is NOT the degree as Ryan hasn’t got it yet.

In the end, it is the maturity of tech knowledge from the real world, the experience from the project and the story of his growth had made the CTO concluded that Ryan can be one of us.

You wondered you should look for a job after the study? Hmmm, give it a second thought, can you imagine how many graduates will start competing for the same junior roles? If someone like Ryan applied for the same job, there is certainly no chance for you.

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