Definitely, I was on top the of the world when I heard the news that I have been given an offer as BI Consultant at EY.

I wanted to get into the corporate world for a long time, This was like a perfect beginning for that.

If someone asked me about six months back, that you’ll get a job at EY.

I would laugh it off. I’d be like (laughs), this is not going to happen.

But yeah, I made it happen and definitely Industry Connect played a big role in that.

The help and support you get here is something that I don’t think you find anywhere else.

And not just in terms of classes or the internship, even the moral support that you get over here and the community support that you get, this is very good, you know? I would definitely recommend Industry Connect.

With that I would like to just add on that though you join Industry Connect, hard work never stops. Please, if you feel that success will come overnight, no, you have to be patient. Even when you join Industry Connect you have to believe in the process, you have to give it some time, and you need to put in a constant effort to get some success.

So I think as BI, I think you need to work in two areas, your technical skills, and your soft skills as well.

Especially as a BI consultant because you have to talk to clients, you need good soft skills as well. In the technical skills, you need to prove that you have some experience and you have the knowledge,

so I think over there an organization like Industry Connect definitely helps.

Through the internship, you get the experience and before the internship, you learn all the good software that is in demand in the market.


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