Recently, Teja has secured a Business Reporting Analyst position at Datacom Melbourne in Australia.

Teja gained a master degree in 2016 in Melbourne, and he later went back to India.

He was looking for an IT software job after he came back to Australia and found it is quite difficult to get a job offer or even going through interviews.

After having some rejections, and he found Industry Connect. And the journey starts to change in a different direction.

Teja identified out the issues that he missed from the articles posted by our AI engine in our job app from day one on our BI Data Analyst Job Ready Programme

(FYI, Industry Connect developed a companion mobile app just for our students, it posts the tips, checks, tests as well as jobs to our participants – yeah push results to a limit, that is our attitude )

In his video, he mentioned he would be able to identify a lot that he needs to do even after the technical face to face training sessions, such as Linkedin Profiles, CV and things that he didn’t know before.

He also said the best part is the internship period, he would be able to see his peers and their performance, this way, he can collaborate with the team to solve problems more efficiently.

Teja liked the tasks and project he was working on, he gains valuable experience and skills by solving real problems.

for more, please watch his video below.



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