“If you are committed and you don’t know where to go, Industry Connect will help you to find a job.”

People keep coming to Industry Connect and we keep finding them jobs in the IT world!

This time it is Mucahit Bayrak who is launching his new career after landing a job as a software developer.

Before he started his new position, we caught up with him to ask about his time with us and if he recommends Industry Connect to others.

Congratulations Mucahit! Tell, us, how was your journey with Industry Connect?

It was good fun, but for my situation, I didn’t put enough attention to achieve more. I can say that I haven’t fully committed myself to the job, but yeah it’s helping me and it’s helping other people really good.

It depends on the person actually. I’ve seen a lot of people who have out enough time to learn things and achieve things, and they got a job.

People must know that –  it’s not all about Industry Connect. It’s not like you pay it and you get it. It’s not like that. You have to achieve it for yourself. Industry Connect can only help you, not find your job for you.

So how did Industry Connect help you find job?

Yeah, Industry Connect helped me yes, I understand how a project works and what we do basically, but to be honest, if a person can sit at a computer for five hours to learn things, if he or she is committed, they can learn about by themselves.

But the local experience… that’s what I’m not sure about, because when you apply for a job, it’s not enough to know only technical things, you have to show them a reference. I that’s the thing you get from Industry Connect.

We see people – they learn by themselves and they don’t need to go to university or anything – and they say they do it themselves, but if they haven’t got a reference letter, it’s difficult.

How do I see Industry Connect for my future? It’s a community that I know and they always open up new lectures and lessons, new things so you can benefit for the future, for your life. I mean you always know people who are developers and who try to improve themselves. It’s not like a finding a job and then done, I’m looking it as like for the future if I have a problem in my career, I can ask them and I can improve still my skills.

Would you recommend Industry Connect?

Yeah, I would recommend Industry Connect. I would say to people, before you start, think about it. Think about if you want to be a developer. My main point is always that.

Don’t expect Industry Connect to give you a job; they will help you and they will guide you.

I want to help people as well, so I’m saying if you are committed and you don’t know where to go, Industry Connect will help you to find a job.

But if you are not sure and expect that you are going to get a job because of their program, this is not a good way to think about it.

So that’s why if you are committed and need help Industry Connect helps you to find a job as a software developer.

Thank you Mucahit, and good luck in your new job!

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