App developers are in much demand these days, but with so many people taking up these new roles, how can you get ahead of the crowd?

Ask Jason, who joined Industry Connect after graduating from Unitec. He’s just landed a full time job after joining our internship, so we sat down with him to ask him about his time with us.

Firstly Jason, congratulations. Can you tell us about your experience finding jobs here in New Zealand before coming to Industry Connect?

Well, actually I had several years work experience in China and I came to New Zealand in Sept 2014. I just finished my graduate developer program at Unitec at the end of last year. I tried to find a job, but found it quite difficult because I didn’t have any experience in New Zealand. So yea, it was really hard, and then my friend suggested to me Industry Connect.

So how have you found the experience of being here at Industry Connect? What skills and experience have you gained?

During my time here at Industry Connect, I had a social, followed by a senior developer, and they taught us basic knowledge of a specific language, which is C#, which I haven’t been taught before. And it was not only the technology, they also taught us about how to deal with interviews, and gave us lots of suggestions about it.

That lasted for about one and a half months, and after that we joined Central Station Software and worked on a real commercial project. Doing this real project we just practiced what we learned from the first session, using the technologies, followed by the senior developer, so yeah, we really learned a lot.

For someone who is considering joining Industry Connect would you suggest it to them and what advice would you give them?

I think from my own experience I would like to recommended to my friend to join here, because I actually have a friend who’s in a similar situation like me. So they have the ability to learn new technologies but they have no chance, so I think maybe it is a good opportunity for them to try CSS and use this experience to find a job.

Well thank you to Jason, and congratulations again on his new full time job as a software developer! We’re very proud of you and glad our internship paid off!

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