Another week, another success story to come out of Industry Connect.

Mike just landed his dream job as a data analyst. We sat down with him to ask about his experience with us, and how Industry Connect helped him with his career.

“I came to Industry Connect right after I graduated from Unitech. I came from China, so after I graduated I didn’t have a lot of IT experience in New Zealand, which made it very hard to land a job right after graduation, so I joined Industry Connect to learn some real world still and technical experience.”

So how did Industry Connect help Mike get his dream job?

“Yeah, I remember I started in January this year, and you taught us a lot of C# which is commonly used programming language in New Zealand. There was also a lot of Javascript Framework and .NET skills.

“Apart from that I was taught a lot of communication skills, and how to brand yourself and build up confidence. We also attended a social skills workshop, and I think all these things helped me find my dream job in New Zealand.

And would Mikey recommend Industry Connect to his friends?

“Actually, I have already recommended Industry Connect to my friends who have been struggling to find their first job in New Zealand! They are a government authorised company which can help candidates to build confidence and gain technical skills or soft skills to help us get our dream work. I strongly recommend Industry Connect to any of my friends who want to work in the IT industry.”

We wish Mike all the best in his new job as a data analyst!

If you’d like to know more about Industry Connect, or how we can help you start your career in the IT industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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