Software development is a fast growing industry, and with a lot of competition out there for jobs, you need all the help you can get. Mo knew that, and so came to Industry Connect. We’re proud to say he just landed his dream software developer job!

We caught up with him before he started his new career to ask about his time at Industry Connect.

First off, massive congratulations on your new role! Tell us, before you came to Industry Connect what was your experience overseas, and then coming to New Zealand, what kind of experience did you have here?

I came here about one and a half years ago, and before I came here I studied at University, a post graduate diploma in computer science. I found the course interesting but not as practical as Industry Connect.  I had some eight years experience in China as a C++ programmer in the field of information security and financial security.

So you did a post graduate diploma and IT and it was more theoretical. How did you come across Industry Connect?

Many of my classmates studied here, and they introduced me to Industry Connect, so I came here for an introduction meeting, and I found it’s very interesting, very useful. It’s what I wanted to learn outside of University, because there are too many new technologies and frameworks to keep up.

It does, it changes so quickly doesn’t it? So to be up on top of that you have to be connected where that technology is being taught.

Yes I needed to connect with the real world, and I found this is a good place to get to know the latest technology and the more valuable thing for me is the environment, it’s very helpful. I want to do things fast, efficiently. Because my visa is very limited, I don’t care too much about money, but I want to do things effectively, so I found here there are a few important factors. One is the latest technology, another is the helpful environment. I don’t need to be afraid of making a mistake. I can do what I want and people will be helpful to me, I’m mentored along.

What other kind of things would you say are different from being at university?

Sometimes at University we put too much time to write the reference or the academic structure but I thought this kind of time is not valued by the companies. They value more experience and your communication skills, or how you react under pressure, so this kind of experience I think you can only get from an organization like this at Industry Connect.

So what would you tell friends who were finding it hard to get their foot in the door about Industry Connect?

I think if they want to be in this industry they should come here, but they must work hard. The style here is the detail is in your own effort, and you should learn it yourself. Here you should follow the team and here you should move in the team environment. The more you do, the more opportunity you have to learn, so it’s very efficient.

That’s awesome Mo, and congratulations again on your new job as a software developer!

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