Victory has just landed his first job in software thanks to his time with us. We sat down with his before he left to ask how we helped and if he would recommend Industry Connect to others.

Congratulations Victory! What position did you secure?

Well I just secured a software developer role at expiry code.

What was your background before joining Industry Connect?

Before joining Industry Connect I completed a degree at the University of Auckland, specializing in electronics engineering. Once I was working for a while I decided that Electrical Engineering wasn’t for me and a friend of mine told me about Industry

Connect and very soon later I joined up and I completed the course and never looked back since!

How did Industry Connect help your first job in software development?

Well first the six-weeks I did a complete six-week software development course, and Industry Connect taught me all the basics of software engineering and a little bit more of the advanced stuff on how they really do it in the in the real world.

Soon after I completed the six weeks course, I joined an internship program at Amiy Plus, which has been absolutely fantastic.  

During my internship we have been using all the latest technologies – we’ve learned C#, on that we do both the back end and the front end. On the front end we’ve been playing around with some react JavaScript.

And it’s not just the technical skills, we’ve learned how to work together in a team, we’re doing meetings all the time, we’re doing interview training for jobs… I mean this has been just being really good.

What would you suggest to people looking for their first job in software development?

Yeah, I mean look, it’s all about working hard really, you stick to your routine you try and come to work every single day and keep applying and you’ll get there eventually. Just keep practicing that’s all I have to say.

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