If you want to join the IT industry in New Zealand or Australia, then we can help.

Industry Connect offer job-ready programs, designed to get you into the workforce in the career you want. These unique programming courses, each designed for a specific area of the industry, will give you a head start in the job search market.

Specifically designed to help you get that extra boost you need to find a job, these software development courses will help you to join the IT industry in New Zealand.

We’ve helped hundreds of people land their first job, and you could be next.

Why it’s hard to join the IT industry in New Zealand

Experience is what employers look for, it’s that simple.

It’s all well and good having excellent marks in the classroom, but so do most other candidates for the position you’re going for. What’s going to separate you from the pack is actual, real-world experience, and that’s hard to get.

An employer will always hire someone who has experience, over someone who doesn’t. And why would they not? Working in an office along-side other people is more valuable than knowing the inside of any programming book. Dealing with real-time problems that appear in everyday business situations is not something that can be learned in University; it’s only something that can come from experience.

How to join the IT industry in New Zealand

Catch 22: How do you get the experience you need to get a job, without having a job to get the experience?

Internship. An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door of a business. Through an IT internship, you can get that vital real-world experience that you need to break into the industry and get ahead of your fellow Graduates. An Internship allows you to work alongside established IT professionals, deal with paying clients and solve real-time problems.

How we help people enter the IT industry

There’s no one better than Industry Connect to help you to join the IT industry in New Zealand and launch your career in IT. We’ve been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, and know this business inside-out. We recognise that most IT employers don’t want to bother with the time and money it takes to “up-skill” a new employee, and would rather hire someone at that level to begin with.

We can get you to that level, so when it comes to securing your first job, you’re already ahead of the pack. Here with us, you’ll be working with experienced developers and real clients. Here you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of the industry, gaining an understanding of how business works. With us you will work alongside other developers, both experienced and new Graduates like yourself, acquiring communication skills, both professionally and personally.

Having started in Auckland just a few years ago, we’ve been so successful we are now expanding across the ditch to Australia. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Christchurch and Wellington, no matter where you are in New Zealand or Australia, we can help you to join the IT industry in New Zealand and start your career in software development.

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